How Much Would You Spend with Lamps in 14 Years?

The LED is expensive, (almost) everyone knows. Now you have no idea how much it can cost if you buy an LED now and just swap it for the next 14 years. Create an illustration to show the economy with consumption and maintenance of LED can compensate for the long term, compared with traditional technologies. Continue reading “How Much Would You Spend with Lamps in 14 Years?”

Led Suspension Light

We dare not say that all products proposed on light-Our site are the best design but certainly we have a series that are very good look and can make a great feature. Among them, the ‘planet’ suspension deserves an article that describes its beauty.

This large suspension does not seem to be a ‘lamp’, at least it is very different to the appearance of what we think should be a lamp. All in one

Continue reading “Led Suspension Light”

Westwing Guide to Metal Table Lamp

If you are in a decorative process for your home, you may have noticed that lighting is essential to adding warmth and warmth to the home: they make all the difference! Ceilings with focal lighting are intimate and romantic, as well as extremely functional. If you agree with this idea and want to add touches of comfort in your home, follow the tip of today: bet on a metal lamp to make your environment even brighter and more stylish! Continue reading “Westwing Guide to Metal Table Lamp”

Westwing Guide for Retro Chandelier

That old look, however, with a modern air, has become a trend and offers aesthetic not only to the decor, but to specific items such as the retro chandelier: rich detail and inspiring piece, perfect for repaginating rooms and lighting with style. Chandeliers themselves are part of history and regardless of type or model, they create a refined atmosphere. When they follow a retro brand and bring a little bit of remote memories to the present day, they will inevitably be highlighted Continue reading “Westwing Guide for Retro Chandelier”

Midnight in Paris by Bike

Paris, Paris, Paris … the eternal city of light, love and elegance! The long avenues surrounded by trees, bridges, lamps, cafes with terraces, heated buildings never too high, the Eiffel Tower, the most famous museums and monuments in the world, and the chocolate crepes on the street. This is Paris! But don’t think that the French capital lives of tourism only in the daytime as it is at night that the city shines. That’s why we arranged our trip we decided to choose some different rides, fleeing some of the traditional, since this is not the first time we’ve been here. And was searching the internet to find some valuable tips on the blog Paris Connection, including the Midnight in Paris by Bike, a bike ride by the main sights of the city, which starts at 10:00 pm and ends to 1:00! Ótimooo pair who suffers from insomnia and love for Paris, just like us! Continue reading “Midnight in Paris by Bike”