Moncler Mens Collection Fall Winter

The argyle is the dominant pattern of the collection Moncler fall/winter 2014-2015. Presented during the Milan fashion week, line Gamme Bleu has defined colors and trends that will be the master during the upcoming season. Men and women will love the British style diamonds, which are interwoven on sweaters, coats and jackets, out of short trousers, socks, shoes and accessories.

A foretaste came during the menswear fashion Moncler last winter. Now the argyle pattern is quite bossy and is repeated on any creation of clothing, and more. The diamond-shaped pattern, from the outset, is characterized by a unique base and two contrasting colors. Geometric shapes are repeated to perfection, creating british flavor look. MONCLER has enhanced this shape to excess, proposing it even on garments not printed; just look at the quilted short jackets with seams that pick up the diamonds. Continue reading “Moncler Mens Collection Fall Winter”

How to Choose the Best Postpartum Girdle

Giving birth to a child is a magical experience, of which women are keepers only, although some are afraid of the damage that the body can suffer during and after pregnancy. Today there are several tricks that women can use to suffer less and stay in shape even after childbirth. One of these is undoubtedly the postpartum sheath. Read the Guide to know the characteristics, types, how to use it and how to choose which post-partum sheathing according to criteria of quality, price and accurate information to the consumer.

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Colorful Coats For Winter 2014

According to Denise Morais, Senac fashion consultant, there are two jokers when the subject is winter jacket 2014. The first is a 7/8 model with double buttoning and some trechcoat details. Already the other is a more fashionista model, with reference to the years 80 and 90, shoulders more structured and without so many details. “They are looser models and look good with trousers and turtlenecks,” she says.

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British Dandy Fashion

This week’s outfit was a little down on Manolo. Now is our article series back, this week, inspired by the British the dandy. For although the British style is primarily associated with mossy tweedkavajer in a rainy Sussex mastered even British manufacturer art of sew stylish and casual clothes as fitting for a martini at Riviera as a krockettmatch at the mansion. Much of the inspiration comes from Gieves & Hawkes and Pringle of Scotland Spring collections, which we also previously noted.

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How to Wear Boyfriend Shorts

Really seems that the fashion for wearing baggy clothes as if they were her boyfriend is pleasing the female audience, especially celebrities living being photographed with more loose shorts. It was from there that the news turned out to be a tendency among women, a new concept of fashion, clothing style “boyfriend”.

For you who likes to stay in tune with the latest news and news from the world of fashion, can use and abuse the short boyfriend, because besides being a larguinha piece that provides comfort women’s production, short boyfriend is a extremely stylish and modern. Generally, the short boyfriend is sold with a numbering greater than your usual, so are considered fairly comfortable parts.

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Leather Jackets for Fall

Menswear Continues to Focus on Classic Leather jackets

Especially popular with the men’s leather jacket in this autumn the classic cut of the 1950s. Short leather jackets with stretch cuffs were already a sort of trademark for James Dean and other icons of that time. This design is very popular again in the current season. Of course, no stale style is in demand – whether classic leather jacket a biker or never coming out of fashion pilot interface – having such a men’s leather jacket you are always on the cutting edge. But interesting combinations of materials and colors are now more than ever possible.

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Special Occasion Dresses

Romantic special occasion dresses, trends summer there are so many new and interesting features to be really perfect and elegant invite. But let’s see what are the trend this season for special occasion dresses.

Among the Trends 2015 2014-dresses, dresses in lace and embroidered are the perfect trend for women who love the richness of details, the workings and decorations. There are many fashion houses and designers offering beautiful silk and lace dresses, such as Luisa Spagnoli: the autumn-winter fashion designer 2015 is indeed full of dresses in lace, from different shades and adorned with elegant bows at the waist. Continue reading “Special Occasion Dresses”

Bomber Jackets

It is a very delicate subject: more and more people will not wear a fur coat and grow alongside those who want a totally eco-fashion, cruelty free, and, why not, vegan or organic, in line with their lifestyle and their diet .

According to JacketPanel, there are various schools of thought and different points of view about what is correct and what is not, what respects nature, albeit using its resources, but without cruelty.
We have selected a few brands that have made ​​these values ​​its hinge and propose products warm, suitable to winter, but ecological, without the need for real fur and real feathers.

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Sleeveless Jacket Women’s Outerwear

Jacket with short sleeves or no them – a great solution for the spring-summer office attire. With easy even the way you without problems can turn into one that meets the business canons, not yourself thick jackets, and vests. For this vocation of women jackets sleeveless clearly says that the fact that most of them are made in standard office colors.

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How to Wear Men’s Leather Jacket

Do you know how to match the leather jacket for a look really cool? This is certainly one of the most creations always evergreen, which can be used during the spring and autumn, but even in winter if you opt for a more warm and padded. What to use it with? What outfit you can put together? What is cheaper showing it off? Certainly the men’s leather jacket is perfect for the outdoors but can also be worn to work and, particularly, even with reasonably sporty mood.

Among the men that leather is an evergreen, let us see what are the viable outfit to have a sophisticated and unique style.


Contrary to what you might think about A2zdirectory, you can match the men’s leather jacket with work suits too. If you don’t plan on any particular meeting with clients, especially with external ones, if you don’t have meetings and nothing that requires something more formal and chic, then you can safely wear the leather jacket but always remember to coordinate in white shirt and maybe a vest and, if necessary, also the tie.

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