Audio Flips: A 2-In-1 Headset Turns Into Speaker!

“More than just a helmet”, proclaims the manufacturer on its product packaging. And it is true that in addition to its function of headphones, the Audio Flips is also transformed into portable speaker to share his music. Simple and original, the concept deserved a little test. There he is. Continue reading “Audio Flips: A 2-In-1 Headset Turns Into Speaker!”

Ear C5 B W, A Tenor In Your Ears

The C5’s -ear headphones that ranks around its selling price in the high-end of the category. Supplied with a case, 4 pairs of silicone tips, an airplane adaptor, it displays a Finish, with its translucent cable remote control and built-in microphone, its cylindrical black body typically B&W and its quilted carrying case. Continue reading “Ear C5 B W, A Tenor In Your Ears”

Helmet Audio P3

Is no longer need for Bowers & Wilkins, specialist almost fiftieth of the loudspeaker to including the mythical Nautilus, flagship of the group recognised as one of the best systems in the world.

B & W has created the surprise in 2010 with the launch of the P5, a high-end luxurious manufacturing quality audio headphones was matched only by its sound reproduction all in refinement. Today we discover its little brother, the P3.

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