Fishing Grounds Inside is a Guarantee of Good Fishing

It’s not often that we have the privilege of being in a river or the sea, or even in a “good” fishing, then the solution and even go on a fish-and-pay, a place that usually the fish do not pass of 5 kg.

So a quick weekend fishing with our editor Arthur Henry went to the fish-and-pay Hamada, very well known. Even though fish-and-pay, is home to 10 kg and Pirararas round of 30 kg.

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Tips For Choosing The Best Lures For Lucio

Fishing for Lucio with lure is the most common, but that does not mean that it is easy to try them with the first lure you find. In addition there are millions of models and brands to choose from. So do not feel bad if you are completely lost by choosing lures for Lucio for your next Fishing day.

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Fishing on a Boat Tips

El Abadejo is a rare species and very difficult to catch so that few fishermen can be proud of a large trophy of Haddock. Even so, it represents one of the most exciting species to beat us to, as it will be a challenge of cunning, speed, strength, subtlety and determination. Fishing for Puddle is not suitable for beginners. Take a look at this report so you have more information about it and you can embark on your search.

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Pike Fishing Lures Tips

Lure and Pike simply belong together. Already the very first lure carved by hand were used to Pike fishing. Today, Pike lures are the most commonly produced and widely used hard plastic lure. There are them in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

Cranks have done on the Pike

Especially crank lures, which are characterized by their round and bulky shape, are the most promising for pike fishing. Pike love big and literally fat booty, which suggests much food in one fell swoop and therefore heavier in the course with them. In addition, this kind of predator is not nearly as agile as E.g. asp or perch.

Pike prefer lowflow points in the water and only then if you must move. Even for hunting, take only a short run up and be exhausted quickly. For this reason, rather slow lure is attached at Pike fishing is also good to apply at crank lures. Continue reading “Pike Fishing Lures Tips”