What Are the Best Rods for Sport Fishing?

Choose a fishing rod is a difficult activity for new fishermen, because the fishing rods are concentrated a large number of variables that determine your use. In addition, once the most interesting stick the fisherman must evaluate the material in which it is produced, and she also has option to your spool or reel of preference.

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5 Cautions That You Must Have for Beach Fishing

The fishing on the beach is one of the most widely practised fishing arrangements in Brazil, due to our great coastline. Unlike fishing for construction and other embedded modes, beach fishing requires some special care both in relation to the type of equipment as security needs.

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The 5 Most Fashionable Business Fashion Brands

As I like to shop at Zalando, sometimes the huge selection in the onlineshop simply crushes me. That’s why I’ve memorized some brands as bookmarks, which I pervade at regular intervals and of which I know that they correspond to my style.  Continue reading “The 5 Most Fashionable Business Fashion Brands”

New Habits: 6 Reasons to Buy in Thrift Store

2017 arrived and with it, an endless list of new year’s resolutions: make registration at the gym, to eat better, start a course of specialization, travel to that dream safari in Africa and, why not, put the House in order-starting with the wardrobe, of course. However, organize the mess is no easy task (although this guide of How to organize the costumes give a hand), to why off storage.

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Carp Fishing Clothing

In fall and winter, your dedicated to carp fishing clothing are your last bulwark against the cold.

However, the preparation of fishing clothing is a step overlooked by many anglers. This negligence can quickly affect your fishing sessions.

See our list of clothes to help fish CARP with comfort in fall and winter.

The fishing clothing dedicated to carp, equipment for autumn and winter

The dedicated carp fishing clothing are part of all the equipment of fishing for carp.

Many of the anglers focus exclusively on fishing equipment (rods, reels, rod pod, etc.). They forget to consider carp fishing clothing.

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