Julia Roberts Helped Me in the Makeup

Wedding column-Fanny and Daniel have taken the first step towards a common future and will report regularly on freundin.de now by planning their wedding. Today: Registrar’s Office, Church, or both? Read here how the two – choosing and why Julia Roberts is suddenly bursts in Fanny’s preparations,

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The Beauty in the 3rd Day

The 3rd day of parades of Minas Trend Preview shook the city of Belo Horizonte and challenged reporters and invited to face, once again, the traffic of our city in peak hours. But the performances compensated for the effort. Lucas Magalhães, Jardin, 03 Apartment and Plural showed a diverse winter, each one in your profile.

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Beauty in the 3rd Day of Fashion Rio

The Jockey Club of Rio de Janeiro remains busy. The Fashion Rio attracts people and a lot of looks interested in who will be hit next season. After Taha and Nica Kessler, it’s time to check out what Maria Bonita Extra, Coven and Coca-Cola Clothing created for the summer.

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Beauty on the Second Day of Fashion Rio

And Rio fashion week continues hectic! Now you can see the first part of our compact everything last night and learn what’s new in beauty item for next season! Let’s see what Daughters of Gaia, Totem and Melk Z-paraded.

Daughters of Gaia
The brand has brought some bets already known to the next station: cigarettes, high waist, midi skirt, fluidity and transparencies. The colors, the Orange was with the turquoise, as well as gray was white’s partner. Those who like to keep up with the fashion weeks have probably realized that simple has been more on beauty. The tail down and Coke have prevailed and are super easy to do hairstyles!

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Gold Glitter Bronze Makeup

The colors ranging from gold to bronze are perfect to emphasize the summer tan. Discover what products to use to sublimate your complexion.

The make-up gold-bronze is one of the most loved in the summer season. It is particularly versatile shades, suitable for all types of skin and eyes, perfect to sublimate your tan.

Let’s see what are the steps to create a full makeup.

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