Adrien Brody with a Total Look Black at The Festival De Cannes

The film ‘ Midnight in Paris ’ of director Woody Allen He has been commissioned to open this morning the Cannes Film Festival. Before the screening, their protagonists have posed before the media and, among them, it was Adrien Brody. For the occasion, the actor has been quite true to his usual style, with a total look style dandy black. Continue reading “Adrien Brody with a Total Look Black at The Festival De Cannes”

New Movie with Vintage Aesthetics of Promises

Kate Winslet star revenge is on Fashion, film based on the novel of the same name, written by Rosalie Ham. In the feature, we see Tilly Dunnage, a mysterious seamstress that returns to your homeland (in rural Australia) to take care of your mother. Continue reading “New Movie with Vintage Aesthetics of Promises”

Sofia Coppola Style

See you, right? Sofia Coppola It is not a particularly graceful woman. However, its good taste (and the money to afford it) have deserved you more than one praise. Without going any further, the Vogue magazine proclaimed it the best dressed party by the 60th anniversary of Dior. And Sofia had much competition: the anniversary held in Versailles at the beginning of July, was attended by multitude of celebrities with their finery. Continue reading “Sofia Coppola Style”

Pregnant in Summer, All Are Advantages

There are many people who see a very pregnant woman in the middle of August, is apiadan of her and how bad that must be going with heat, swelling of feet and all those small discomforts that are associated with an advanced state of gestation in summer. What these people don’t realize is that being pregnant in the summer are all advantages. Or almost. Continue reading “Pregnant in Summer, All Are Advantages”

Five Maternity Outfits for the Office

The return to work after a long vacation can be tough, but you can make it a little more fun preparing your maternity work looks. Select the appropriate depending on your type of work clothing, opting instead for garments of light with light fabrics, comfortable cuts and flattering design. Continue reading “Five Maternity Outfits for the Office”

Maternity Clothes Are Filled with Glitter

Glitters they are tissue star of Christmas, as well as the metallic tones, glitter or glitter-brilli. Different maternity fashion firm are committed to add bright clothing in their fashion collections. From a passing through a dress top, Glitters will give a different touch to your new year’s Eve look. Continue reading “Maternity Clothes Are Filled with Glitter”

The New Bridal Gowns~Spring Runway Shows~Monique Lhuillier

The next collection, with which we would like to bring you the spring into these cold November days, comes this week from the fashionable American fashion designer Monique Lhuillier. The designer, who came from the Philippines, followed her dream of designing high-quality fashion early on. She was inspired and supported mainly by her mother Amparito Llamas, who, as a Philippine ex-model, put her passion for beauty and fashion in the cradle. Continue reading “The New Bridal Gowns~Spring Runway Shows~Monique Lhuillier”

10 Tips On How To Dress In The European Winter

We Brazilians don’t we are very prepared to face the cold of Europe with our clothes because the cold here does not exist in Brazil. There are some tips and tricks that help enough to bypass the low temperatures. I will pass to you some tips on who already live here and learned something over the years of European winter.

Continue reading “10 Tips On How To Dress In The European Winter”

Elle Fanning Style Guide

Welcome guest in the front row, model for Miu Miu, playing side by side with the biggest stars in the world – and that with 16 years. No question, Elle fanning is anything other than an ordinary teenager. Especially the style of charming In her role as Aurora in the Disney film “Maleficent – the dark fairy” she wears mainly Princess dresses. The particularly good for you, not even surprised us, finally, it inspires even on the red carpet regularly in magical robes.

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Short Dresses For 15 Years

All dresses have a different fashion, so now I talk about photos of dresses for 15 years, which are designs that can change with the passing of time and that are also models of princesses that characterize the volume of the skirt and carved necklines. Therefore in this way, we can eoncontrar diversities of dresses for 15 years who have a style of occasion and it is crucial to look at these events glasmurosos.

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How to Style a Turtleneck Sweater

The turtleneck is a classic head but worn in the right way can become one of the trend leaders of your outfits. Here then 10 style tips for wearing the turtleneck, a simple warm and comfortable head to show off on many occasions to challenge cooler temperatures without renouncing to be absent trendy.

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Bra Tip For Strapless Dresses

For me, the wedding season started mid-April 2015. Unfortunately, this was the only invitation I got for 2015 – thus the next wedding I attend is are my own! Wow, that is crazy.

And, if still anyone on his or her wedding mag invite me this year – like! I hang even as some previously rarely listed by clothes in the closet. 😉 For me it not was this year so “What do I wear just for the wedding?”, I wanted to wear one of my favorite dresses from last year better again.

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Must Have Items for Women’s Wardrobe

Basics are the most important in the closet, because on these garments, we can always rely.Basics suit any occasion.

“The secret of elegance lies in the simplicity.” (Christian Dior)

When buying basics that these are timeless and of good quality. For if you have many years to these loyal companions, because they are simply perfectly combined with modern trends.

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Special Occasion Dresses

Romantic special occasion dresses, trends summer there are so many new and interesting features to be really perfect and elegant invite. But let’s see what are the trend this season for special occasion dresses.

Among the Trends 2015 2014-dresses, dresses in lace and embroidered are the perfect trend for women who love the richness of details, the workings and decorations. There are many fashion houses and designers offering beautiful silk and lace dresses, such as Luisa Spagnoli: the autumn-winter fashion designer 2015 is indeed full of dresses in lace, from different shades and adorned with elegant bows at the waist. Continue reading “Special Occasion Dresses”

Emma Roberts Black Dress

Emma Roberts, actress and granddaughter of art of the famous Julia Roberts , has walked the red carpet at the Giffoni Film Festival 2011 with a lovely dress Max Maraelegant and chic yet not too formal and suited to his twenties.Young Emma that her aunt inherited the charm and irresistible smile and, as she hoped, at least a hint of his famous film, attended the event to present the first film that sees the protagonist, ” The art of getting by“. And if the American media the future of the crown already pink comedies Queen, also in choice of Emma look shows one style impeccable. Another young fashion icon coming? Continue reading “Emma Roberts Black Dress”

Chanel Dresses

Check out the 2012 dresses perfect for invite to a wedding: introducing the 2012 spring-summer collection for Chanel, a unique selection of dresses perfect for this event, to show off a chic, ladylike and luxurious.

Some about your friend or relative is planning to tie the knot next year? Here is a perfect collection for your invite to a wedding, with many beautiful dream proposals to dress impeccably, chic and bon ton.

We are talking about proposals for the 2012 spring/summer dresses by Chanel, a rich collection of style, practicality and glamour ideal for an event like this style. Continue reading “Chanel Dresses”

Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Bridal dresses pictures of celebrity. At the time of choosing a party pronovias dress shorts, and even more wedding dress, it is very important to know your body shape and what kind of part you feel well. You must not be simply a model in particular but look at your figure is actually favored.Commonly, the female body types are classified into four types, they are: Watch of sandy, triangle, rectangle and inverted triangle shape.

The most common form is hourglass. It is characterized by Biotionary through a small waist, tuned, and broader bust and hip. When you have this so attractive body shape, you can enhance the curves of your waist by choosing simple lines, without too much beading or embroidery. With cutting Mermaid or trumpet wedding dresses tend to be very good option if you’re thin.

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