How to Choose the Bra According to Your Type

It is foolish to think that there are only two types of breasts, the small and the large. In fact, they differ greatly in format and can be classified into seven types.

Knowing what is yours can help you buy bras that best fit your breasts, valuing them and providing more comfort.

Do you want to know which one is yours? Read this post and know the seven types of breasts and their characteristics. Continue reading “How to Choose the Bra According to Your Type”

Myths and Truths about Breasts

One of the many changes that mark the adolescence of a girl is the change in the body, among them, the growth of the breasts. And when they begin to appear beneath the blouse, there are thousands of doubts: how long will they grow? Is it time to put on the bra? To answer the most recurrent questions, we talked with the gynecologist and obstetrician Jose Bento who also gave important tips to make the breasts even more beautiful. Continue reading “Myths and Truths about Breasts”