Silver Jewelery: the Precious Precious Metal in the Portrait

In addition to gold, silver is among the most popular and most frequently processed precious metals in the world.

Finely crafted jewels from the shiny metal are found in every well-sorted collection of jewels.

But did you already know what the term “Sterling” stands for and what the engraved numbers mean on your favorite silver jewelery?

Now, in the first part of this new series about the most popular jewelery materials, you will find all the knowledge you need about this wonderful precious metal in the detailed portrait! Continue reading “Silver Jewelery: the Precious Precious Metal in the Portrait”

Griffin Montblanc Launches Its First Smart Bracelet for Traditional Watches

2014 was the year of smartwatches. This market, therefore, is very recent. So it’s not as saturated as smartphones. For this reason, we can still have new brands joining the team of smart watch manufacturers, bringing truly innovative ideas to the industry. And this is precisely the case with the Montblanc luxury watch brand .

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Legendary Jewelry Gem from Tiffany

Platinum and 587 125 Carat diamonds: Jean Schlumbergers “Stars and Moons” – chain, is a stunning one of a kind – like all other pieces of the Tiffany anniversary collection.

The classy jewelry company Tiffany & co. is an American institution for 175 years – already Abraham Lincoln went personally to Tiffany, to buy a story for his wife. Today, world’s 260 shops belong to the Tiffany Empire. The new collection of 2012 celebrates the anniversary with exquisite creations made from high-quality gems. Continue reading “Legendary Jewelry Gem from Tiffany”