Re Exchange, Save Your Life

The automatically inflatable re room should be in the future a constant companion of every anglers and boaters. Because it can save your life in case of an emergency. We have taken the inflatable airbag under the magnifying glass.

Small, handy, light, and in case of emergency it can save your life: the new re room! The tiny package, which you wear on the supplied high-quality belt, interfere in any situation while fishing and saves lives under certain circumstances. The sport version we tested is extremely handy and secured by a PIN in addition to accidental triggering of the lifting body.

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What Are the Best Rods for Sport Fishing?

Choose a fishing rod is a difficult activity for new fishermen, because the fishing rods are concentrated a large number of variables that determine your use. In addition, once the most interesting stick the fisherman must evaluate the material in which it is produced, and she also has option to your spool or reel of preference.

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5 Cautions That You Must Have for Beach Fishing

The fishing on the beach is one of the most widely practised fishing arrangements in Brazil, due to our great coastline. Unlike fishing for construction and other embedded modes, beach fishing requires some special care both in relation to the type of equipment as security needs.

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Watch out! Beware of Accidents in the Fishing!

I wanted to write this article because actually it seems of utmost importance the fact of the care that you have when it comes to fisheries so as to avoid accidents in the same. I’ve been present on many occasions where they have occurred hazardous situations that could have been avoided; with better handling of attachments therefore towards that specific objective I addressed with this article, I will mention some accidents in the fishing that you can avoid applying these tips. Continue reading “Watch out! Beware of Accidents in the Fishing!”

Fishing on a Boat Tips

El Abadejo is a rare species and very difficult to catch so that few fishermen can be proud of a large trophy of Haddock. Even so, it represents one of the most exciting species to beat us to, as it will be a challenge of cunning, speed, strength, subtlety and determination. Fishing for Puddle is not suitable for beginners. Take a look at this report so you have more information about it and you can embark on your search.

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