Catrice Geometrix Spring-Summer 2013 Collection

Among the wonders of the Cosmoprof 2013 and the world Cosnova we had the opportunity to preview the next trend edition Catrice Cosmetics, make up the collection Geometrix.

A colored line and super inspired neon classicism and the works of Mondrian in which dominated the geometric shapes and strong colors such as red, blue and yellow, all of which Catrice wanted to combine together in Geometrix Collection.

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The Customs Of Beauty More Painful And Dangerous History

The beauty, and everything that surrounds the world, has been never interested. Since prehistoric times, there are cannons. They respond to the model of perfection that each age, culture or social status has considered ideal. But get a perfect image, was not always easy. Today we are a walk through the history of the world of beauty and you have 7 of the most painful and dangerous habits so surprised as much as us. Fortunately, many are gone!

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Tan Spray – Beautiful Summer Tan To The Wedding

Who does not know it? The dilemma of easy healthy summer Tan – without thought of premature skin aging, wrinkles and skin cancer… The options, which you then as wife or bride who bounded: solarium before the wedding? No, unhealthy… Self-Tanner? Yes, if you’re skilled, that can work well, otherwise stylist and wedding planners can report a song by yellow spots and last-minute removal actions with vinegar and lemon… I thought, I should know as I am (blond, rather Nordic type with fair skin) to marry. But then I got a tip from a friend!

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12 Ingredients to Avoid in Beauty Products

Cosmetic safety: here are the rules for a natural beauty, safe and aware. Also on the subject of beauty we have to be very careful about what is contained in the products we put on our skin, which must be effective, moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging, but above all, sure!

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Retro Makeup – By Lauren Rennells

Retro Makeup – By Lauren Rennells

Techniques for applying the vintage look (April 2011)

Makeup us passed today in flesh and blood, that we waste no second thoughts on its origin. The largest developments occurred during the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s and 60s years and make up eventually became what we know today.

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Beauty Trends 2015

Like every year even in the beauty world, there are trends that remain and trends ranging  and among some is good to say goodbye!

In this 2015, in fact, some beauty trends we saw were really absurd, such as the eyebrows to the Korean and the lips to Kylie Jenner , not to mention the “bubble nails”, the short, rounded nails that have depopulated in the US last summer, in short all too excessive tendencies and that we would like not to see in 2016! But there are also those that were not so much evil, but that we will not see in the new year, as the extensions, extreme scaling, but also the high ponytail; and those that continue to love even in 2016, as beachwaves the lob cut and extra large fringe.

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Essence New Collection 2015

As of September fabulous products will become part of the essence family. Look amazing for a “wow effect” guaranteed.

Essence as every year, in addition to the monthly Trend Edition, September offers a new product replenishment. The nude and pastel colors will be the trend of the season, but the darker shades like gray and brown entice you to try new make-up. Numerous must-have for fall-winter: Multifunction mascara, delicate lipsticks, foundation with natural finish and the brand new glazes. Overtime essence products never cease to amaze, emphasizing the look on every occasion.

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How to Get Tanned Skin Naturally

Make up Solar: tanned on the beach or in town with milk, oil and protections.Here is how to capture the sun’s rays.

It officially started hunting suntan! But if the holidays are still far, and this year will remain in the city-or, if you want to lend a hand to the natural rays of the sun or to those, less natural but effective, the beautician-that’s the make up and lines of cosmetics for the body give you a hand.

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Gold Glitter Bronze Makeup

The colors ranging from gold to bronze are perfect to emphasize the summer tan. Discover what products to use to sublimate your complexion.

The make-up gold-bronze is one of the most loved in the summer season. It is particularly versatile shades, suitable for all types of skin and eyes, perfect to sublimate your tan.

Let’s see what are the steps to create a full makeup.

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