Video Catching Pms Storing Explosives in Demonstrators’ Backpacks

Group participated in protest against increased public transport fare in São Paulo

A video released by the website Jornalistas Livre caught the moment when military police put explosives in the backpacks of protesters on Friday afternoon (8) in downtown São Paulo.The boys participated in the protest against the readjustment of the public transportation tariff in São Paulo.The amount went from R $ 3.50 to R $ 3.80 this Saturday (9). Continue reading “Video Catching Pms Storing Explosives in Demonstrators’ Backpacks”

5 Tips to Get Your Backpack Before You Travel

In one of the last episodes of the fourth season of Friends, when all are preparing to go to Ross ‘ wedding in London, Monica recites a list of things to take and says check to check that each one of them is in the trunk. We know that Monica is controller and methodical, but nothing like a good list before storing the bag for anything to stand back and few hassles are avoided. So here we go. Continue reading “5 Tips to Get Your Backpack Before You Travel”

Leather Backpacks: Tips How to Use, Where to Buy

Casual fashion always relaunches styles that were used many years ago, but with a modern twist and super estíloso, which soon spreads through all corners. So many people dress casually, because the casual style exist in several versions, but they are usually simple, but mponentes and always harmonics. Colors that refer are very used to compose a casual fashion, for example: Brown and yellow, blue and purple, neutral with pastels, etc. Continue reading “Leather Backpacks: Tips How to Use, Where to Buy”

The Best Backpack For Laptop

I know that you should not speak of a product in particular in this forum, even corporate, as they may other places are best for that. I know that direct mail is the best way to achieve that she is not read these lines. I know I break any of the digital marketing guidelines. But let me, by this time, skip the rules and tell you my happiness and my enthusiasm to have found, at last, a backpack that is also portaportatiles (Go word, the SAR does not recognize it but I’m going to use), travel bag, and backpack. Continue reading “The Best Backpack For Laptop”

Deuter Kid Comfort III in the Test

On the weekend, we could our newly acquired carrier, that test Deuter Kid Comfort III for the first time. At best autumn weather, it was once again time to look for a cache, especially on Sunday (10.10.10) worldwide geocacher tried a New log record to set up. A 2 hours and 5 km long multi cache, we could thus test the kids backpack. Continue reading “Deuter Kid Comfort III in the Test”

New in the Bag Department: Mr Mark Camp David

Under the motto of ‘Striking bags for strong types’ bag department store welcomes the successful men’s brand Camp David new in the assortment. Future bags, backpacks and travel bags of various series and collections will be available, which are the fashion-conscious, sporty man perfect in leisure or business to the page. Continue reading “New in the Bag Department: Mr Mark Camp David”

Trend Info: Spring/Summer 2016

We have the ultimate cure for the winter blues: the current bags and fashion trends for the spring / summer season 2016 in our trend Info! The new season just around the corner and hot bag trends and fashion highlights are waiting for you. The new looks guarantee true feelings – and provide for a relaxed casual time! Continue reading “Trend Info: Spring/Summer 2016″

Herschel Little America Backpack

Many wonder: what carry-on choose to what destination? On the market, the choices are wide: bag or suitcase, hard or soft, cabin, or XXL, trolley or without castors… Simply choose the one that seems most convenient. Remember that for travel to the United States, the presence of a padlock approved TSA on your luggage is essential.

If you plan to do trekking, mountaineering or hiking for your next outing for the weekend, fall for the Little America of Herschel backpack. Practical and elegant, the leading brand of the backpack Herschel showed its true

Continue reading “Herschel Little America Backpack”

Disney Backpacks for School

Disney backpacks

Disney models for girl

In general, girls often opt for pink backpacks or simply feminine color. Disney backpacks for daughter usually display the image of the famous Disney heroines.

You will find different styles of backpacks for girl like such as Tinkerbell Disney school bags, Violetta, Minnie and many others still.

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Cumulus Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Now I am already are nearly half a year in the possession of ultralight sleeping bag Cumulus LiteLine 400. So it is sometimes slow time to shed light on this fine piece of equipment more detail and to take for you under the microscope!

Earlier this year, I started my entire trekking equipment on ultralight convert. And as the sleeping bag is one wherein the backpack weight to the “Big Three” (tent, sheep bag, backpack), my old, heavy and not particularly more warming Synthetic copy had to give way.

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Good Backpack for Travel

In recent years, airlines have had an increase in the number of flights and an expansion of routes really impressive: today travel, see the world and move quickly is really very easy, and most importantly no longer ridiculously expensive as it once was.

By booking in advance some destinations, you can treat yourself to beautiful trips with minimal effort. One of the elements that normally increases the price of the ticket is the presence of a baggage from 15/20 kg to be loaded into the hold and then withdraw to their destination.

If you make short trips, maybe like the classic long weekend, the advice is to opt for a simple hand baggage to check in with us on the plane for free and insert into the slots in the overhead lockers for the duration of the flight.

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