Collection Winter Arezzo

Arezzo Collection Autumn/Winter 2013-Trends

Most brands of footwear and accessories sector is already promoting the launch of their new collections. Among them is the Arezzo, one of the leading national brands in this segment. For the autumn/winter of 2013, the brand comes with many new features and amazing pieces. Check out what are the stakes and trends covered in the new collection: Continue reading “Collection Winter Arezzo”

Griffin Montblanc Launches Its First Smart Bracelet for Traditional Watches

2014 was the year of smartwatches. This market, therefore, is very recent. So it’s not as saturated as smartphones. For this reason, we can still have new brands joining the team of smart watch manufacturers, bringing truly innovative ideas to the industry. And this is precisely the case with the Montblanc luxury watch brand .

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How to Measure an Ankle Bracelet

Ankle bracelets are jewelry normally worn around the ankle. Bracelets can come as a string, beads, gemstones and beads or charms hanging from them. They are usually worn in the summer with shorts and sandals or a swimsuit. Getting the right size for an ankle bracelet ensures that it will be comfortable to wear for walking or swimming. Measuring your ankle is the first step to determine what size you need ankle.

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