How to Rock the Look with Piercings Pressure

Most People Have Thought Once In A Lifetime To Get It Pierced. It’s Because You Saw How It Looks Beautiful In A Friend Or Saw A Celebrity Take A Look With The Accessory (Who Does Not Remember The Nipple Ring Of Kendall Jenner, Kardashian Family, Which Drew The Attention Of All […] Continue reading “How to Rock the Look with Piercings Pressure”

Knitting Scarf Buy Online Stores – See Models

Where To Buy Knitting Scarf

The handkerchiefs and Scarves are accessories that are part of the wardrobe of women during all seasons of the year, but especially on cold days. In these times they win another function beyond aesthetics: to keep my neck warm. That’s why they are so irresistible. Continue reading “Knitting Scarf Buy Online Stores – See Models”

Fruit Print New Trend of Summer

Fruit Prints-Summer 2013 Trend

Each season many trends are released and this, one of the big bets are the prints with inspiration in the fruit. Even when we used the pieces of cold, summer in Europe already dictated and anticipated the news to heat that would come by here.After newborn animals, polka dots, Plaid, floral and all others, now is the time to invest in prints that blend bananas, oranges, apples, cherries. Continue reading “Fruit Print New Trend of Summer”

Learn about Ways to Use Correctly Scarf

Tips For Using Handkerchiefs And Scarves

With the arrival of cold a few fashion items tend to appear, among them are the handkerchiefs and scarves. These pieces are very important, we can change the face of any basic look. If you put every day jeans and white blouse and just change the handkerchief or scarf, will be every day with a new look. Continue reading “Learn about Ways to Use Correctly Scarf”

We’re All Barbaric!

I confess that I’m a little suspicious about the tip of today, why simply amooo passion, and accessories when you have brightness, Oh I love even more! In the case of we’re All Barbaras, I was already super fan on Instagram, where they bombammm Brazil, and now that I found out that the shop I freaked!!! The Are All Barbarian is an online store of women’s accessories that just hit the market bringing partners and designers of bijoux and semijoias that protrude in the universe of accessories with elegant and affordable, creations. The idea arose from the desire to always be inside the news accompanying the speed of fast-fashion, moved by passion for accessories and with inspiration and persistence, we’re All draws in all Barbarian women, believes that the accessories are items indispensable in any production. Continue reading “We’re All Barbaric!”

Maternity Clothes Are Filled with Glitter

Glitters they are tissue star of Christmas, as well as the metallic tones, glitter or glitter-brilli. Different maternity fashion firm are committed to add bright clothing in their fashion collections. From a passing through a dress top, Glitters will give a different touch to your new year’s Eve look. Continue reading “Maternity Clothes Are Filled with Glitter”

Sunglasses Summer: Photos and Models

Sunglasses are summer’s face and without a doubt is one of the most glamorous accessories and essential not only to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the Sun but also to compose the look. The sunglasses for summer 2011 bets on various models that promise to leave the most awaited season of the year with a retro touch. Continue reading “Sunglasses Summer: Photos and Models”

Leather Backpacks: Tips How to Use, Where to Buy

Casual fashion always relaunches styles that were used many years ago, but with a modern twist and super estíloso, which soon spreads through all corners. So many people dress casually, because the casual style exist in several versions, but they are usually simple, but mponentes and always harmonics. Colors that refer are very used to compose a casual fashion, for example: Brown and yellow, blue and purple, neutral with pastels, etc. Continue reading “Leather Backpacks: Tips How to Use, Where to Buy”

50 Years Fashion: Retro Style And Ladylike Trend

Fashion years 50, bon ton style for many women is a real way of being, a lifestyle and fashion.

Certain styles never fade. The fashion achievement, passes and returns and re-conquest. The fashion cycle is continuous, it never stops. The fashion of the past is often reinterpreted . Designers dig into their archives to find new sources of inspiration and models of the past, dresses now fallen into disuse returning to make their appearance on the runway in new colors, fabrics, patterns and lengths. And then as you know are the Accessories to give that little bit more innovative and not waited.

Continue reading “50 Years Fashion: Retro Style And Ladylike Trend”

Winter Decor Trends for a Cozy Home

Outside it gets cold and uncomfortable and we spend more time in our cozy warm home. The right winter decoration makes for a particularly cozy atmosphere and sweeten us the cold season. Are you still looking for inspiration and are you interested in this year’s trends in winter decoration? Then our tips for winter home decor are just right.

These Colors Are Announced This Year

The decoration in the apartment should be modern and fit to the respective furnishing style. Accordingly, there are a lot of promising combinations – there is something for every taste. We present you four color trims for this year with the matching decor tips.

Continue reading “Winter Decor Trends for a Cozy Home”

Safari and Military Look: the Fashion Trend Leads Back to the Nature

It goes to the boho chic and the sporty chic with today’s fashion trend back to nature: because it is the focal point of the Safari and military looks. Both styles are very similar and are also often called utility chic (English: ‘utility’, German: “Usefulness, usability”)-a mode, which is useful and usable. Because it’s about how women themselves can penetrate in the wilderness. The spectrum of this fashion trend ranges from the embattled Amazon to nature-loving adventurer. Therefore, the clothes of this style served alike of the fashionable elements of military uniforms and equipment by jungle expeditions. Even if you are moving only in the urban jungle, if this style suits your Style personality , then I have the most important basics and accessories to look today for you. Continue reading “Safari and Military Look: the Fashion Trend Leads Back to the Nature”