Swimwear for Fatties

Cherish Your Body With Hints Of Plus-Size Swimwear

The hottest season of the year is approaching, and with it comes the season to go to the beach. And you already know what to use to enhance your body and enjoy the Sun in the summer? The fashion imposed dictatorship for a long time, the bodies would have to be, necessarily, sculptural. However, currently, has seen models ‘ real ‘ on the runway, that is, women who do not follow the standard required by society and no less beautiful than the conventional stereotypes. What if you want to say is that each one is beautiful to your way. So, there’s no reason to be embarrassed at the thought of going to the beach. All can and should enjoy all the best that summer has to offer. Just need to know what is best suited for your beauty be highlighted. For this, follow the tips to swimwear below.

Big bust- if this is your case, look for pieces that have support. Tops with fillers are not suitable, opt for models without draping or ruffles, nothing you do volume. Be careful also when deciding the color or pattern, to disguise the region is better to use dark colors or dark background prints and small drawings. Do the opposite if you have smaller bust. Cherish it with prints wider and brighter colors.

Hips big–to cover the hip, prefer panties a bit bigger, but not too much, because the effect can be contradictory, don’t you want more volume. Some models have adjustment on the sides, which is great because it inhibits any skids. As for the colors, again, choose a neutral tone, no vibrant. If you prefer some stamps, the geometric good allies. So, if you have the hips narrower, give prominence to it using strong colors or prints that give a bit of volume.

If you prefer or think you will be more comfortable, you can use a bathing suit instead of a bikini. Follow the same rules. Including models in which the bust is different from the rest, great for those who have small bust, making it possible to choose a pattern that you value at the top and a more sober color and smooth tissue underneath. Watch out for the lining, choose swimsuits that have the inside made with compression fabric. They help to put everything in place.

Here Are Some Pictures With Suggestions Of Swimwear 2012 For Chubby And Inspre!