Swatch Long Life Battery Smartwatch

The popular company Swatch already confirmed their involvement in the world of smart watches with potential until recently ignored. Still little is known about future smart device, but the CEO of the big Swiss manufacturer has given an interview to the local media, which reveals the development of a new type of battery perfected for smart watches. Innovation will not only make daily charge unnecessarily, but will provide durability to six months.

“Whoever offered the market a battery for smartwatch that does not have to charge six months, he will have a competitive advantage,” said Nick Hayek (mentioned CEO of Swatch) in an interview with the weekly Handelszeitung. “We are working intensively on this problem together our research group Belenos and manufacturer of batteries Renata. Next year will bring to market a revolutionary battery for mobile electronics but also for cars”.

Apparently, the battery technology will be the same for portable electronics and automobiles (rather EVs and hybrids), and the difference will come from the scale. No information on the approach to the realization of this ambitious idea, but planned new battery to be available in 2016. We look smart clock Swatch in the coming months, so we can assume that he will not be able to take advantage of the new technology.

We already knew it, but apparently the people of Swatch have found that battery life is one of the biggest concerns to the global success of smart watches. Most of the models last from 1 to 3 days, and users of traditional watches resistant for years to infinity (machines) would not be satisfied with these results. Only Pebble exception among popular smart watches, because the new generation Pebble Time Steel lasts up to 10 days (Pebble the Time to 7 days) of operation on a single charge.