Surprise: Netflix is ​​Now Available in Cuba

The Netflix continues to increase the number of countries where it operates. So far, no surprise. What no one expected, at least not so readily, is that the company would offer their services in Cuba. The announcement of the arrival of the company to the island was made ​​on Monday (9).

With the initiative, Netflix becomes one of the first US companies to join Cuba after the economic and trade rapprochement of the country with the United States.

The value of the signature in Cuba will be the same as Netflix currently charges of North American users: $ 7.99 per month with payment via international credit card. The company promises to provide a vast amount of well-known titles, and productions that take your brand as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

There is only one “small” problem: today, only 25% of the Cuban population accesses the internet in some way. To make matters worse, local connections are expensive and slow in the overwhelming majority of cases.

Surely the “peace” with the United States will expand the Internet access services in Cuba, but it will not happen overnight.

It must take into account that most of the Cubans live quite unfavorable financial conditions, making it difficult, of course, the acquisition of computers, TVs and other equipment for entertainment.

These factors will make the company has a very small customer base in Cuba. It is assumed, therefore, that the decision to get into this business market has symbolic purposes – help Netflix to transmit a global image, for example.

In the official announcement, CEO Reed Hastings also signaled interest in Cuban productions: “Cuba has great filmmakers and a strong artistic culture; We hope one day to bring their work to our global audience of over 57 million members.”

Netflix is already present in 50 markets around. But it is not enough. In January, the company unveiled an audacious plan: to offer streaming in 200 countries by 2017.



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