Sunsilk Hair Care Products

The real dream of beauty for your hair? Maintain the effect of perfection of professional treatments also off the lounge. But the chemical treatments, on the one hand contribute to a more beautiful and attractive your hair, the other penetrate into the hair fiber to damage its main constituents: the keratin molecules.

Maintain the beauty and health of hair is a real challenge… a challenge that Sunsilk accepts, because he knows what they really need your hair. The hair salon treatments and daily stress to which the hair is subjected may have different consequences. The most obvious are the ease with which the hair tend to break, the appearance of split ends, loss of definition and a color that becomes more off every day. How to return to the hair fibers damaged their natural splendor? The secret is in keratin!

Born today Keratinology by Sunsilk: its exclusive formula, with Keratin Micro Technology, deep penetrating hair to make them healthier and even more beautiful. A line of products, specifically designed to meet the specific needs of your hair, you want to prove its effectiveness making you a special and unique in its kind promise: to prolong the effect of perfection of processing carried out in the living room, making the beauty cycle your hair… really endless!