Summer Trends

We are in 2011, with the eyes stretched in 2012 and the notebook in hand to jot down everything that is fashion trend for the next few seasons. Jovias and dynamic, so will be the main fashion trends spring summer 2012. To learn more, see below, which will pick up and promises to be a hit in summer 2012 women’s fashion:

-Citrus and white Colors: in all its shades, white is, surely, the color trend of the season. In addition to the classic shot, the palette extends to nuances more “dirty”, as off-white and ice. Citrus colors, has also seen in some previous seasons, are still present, mainly in shades of Orange, coral and green.

-Mix of fabrics and textures: the fabric used in the heat season are now sleek, delicate and as satins, silks and organzas (that can build both pieces of classic glare, as the more modern style), sometimes opaque, giving a touch of sophistication and austerity to look.

– Transparencies: delicate and located, transparencies appear in neutral colors, mainly applied in long dresses and fluids.

-Straight and asymmetric Modeling: following the straight and futuristic modeling proposal in the mid-60, straight modeling return with a vengeance in asymmetric and structured lines for spring summer 2012.

-Stamping stylized: hits of the season, the models of fluid short dresses appear just above the knees, along with jumpsuits printed with stylized patterns of stripes, animals and abstract.

-Cargo pants: with a bold silhouette, cargo pants appear with bent bars at the ankles (and promise to be the uniform of the urban women). The low hook position and pants in colors of ochre or brown.

-Tailoring renewed: the tailoring comes with a mannish air by silhouette, which appears loose, composing looks more urban and masculinizados, one of the main trends for summer 2012. The renewed tailoring comes with full power to the station.

-Draped Dresses: worthy of the red carpet, draped dresses came more glamorous than ever. Under strapless or one-shoulder only, they exalt the shades that will heat up this season: Blue Pearl and royal blue. Without forgetting the drapes in the style column, which also appear, and they help to outline of elegant way the female body.