Summer Campaign

The meeting of top Isabeli Fontana and Diego Miguel with floral elements, created with surrealistic digital collages is one of the results of the summer campaign of 2018 Damyller with the artistic intervention of Marcelo Monreal.

The works of Monreal, connecting people and flowers, are based on a story from your childhood. “One day, my mother asked me not to go because I could fall and hurt myself. How was a child, every time I hurt me, my mother asked: “what people are made? And she answered me: “flowers.

With your knowledge and believing in people’s inner beauty, even if often not revealed, the artist shows the result of your project with the Damyller, along with the beauty of Isabeli Fontana and Diego Miguel.

The top posed for the lenses of Nicole Heiniger, beside Diego Miguel model (Way Model), to present the winter collection, with styling by Peter S and beauty signed by Daniel Hernandez.

For the summer, the brand brings a new tropical look, with more colors and surprising ways. Vibrant tones gain unusual brush strokes with pink, green and orange more saturated and hi-tech inspired. lightweight fabrics and fluid, comfortable asymmetrical shapes and fluttering, beyond jeans, of course, that appears in the cropped versions with touch of tailoring in washes light and medium. Here at Nampabuyer you can get more different models of the fashion clothing. Floral and foliage earn unique interpretations-metallized versions and in deep blue in an allusion to the sunset in the Woods.