SRAM Hydraulic Brakes Recall

Gadgets: SRAM recall Red22 and S-700 hydraulic rim and disc brakes when a number of them are tainted with an error.

A small selection of SRAMs Red22 and S700-brakes for road bikes have been pulled off the market by the manufacturer. The error that SRAM says is a “performance and safety concern”, has affected approximately 3500 brake system. Of these estimates the manufacturer that there are 500 remain in circulation, and on bicycles with traders and partly on customers’ bikes.

According to the technical bulletin so affects the decision to stop the sale of both disc brake system and the innovative hydraulic fälgbromskalipern S700. Brake systems concerned have a serial number between 36T30000000 and 42T39999999 and is sent to the bike manufacturers and bike shops after the fifth september 2013. Brakes that are located outside of these serial numbers and is shipped before this date are not affected.

The serial number is located on the brake pads or on the outside of the carton.


“SRAM Road Hydraulic Brake Recall

SRAM has identified a technical issue with respect to a narrow production range of its RED 22 and S-700 Road Hydraulic road brakes. This is a performance and safety concern.There are no reported failures in the field.

We began proactive quarantine efforts with factories, bike brands and distributors last week. We have reported this issue to the US CPSC and will be cooperating with the agency to announce a safety recall in the near future. We are also working with European consumer administrations.

The affected serial numbers range from 36T30993767 to 42T39407156. This represents 3,553 brakes produced. Based on our investigative and quarantine efforts with our customers, we expect that there are fewer than 500 brakes worldwide in the affected range that are at dealers or have been purchased by consumers.

The serial number can be found on the brake caliper (rim or disc) and on the outside of the box containing the product. SRAM will issue another notice when the CPSC approved recall launches.”