Spring Summer Trends Fashion

Woman never stop dreaming of being able to renew their wardrobe every season. But let’s face it, that’s not so easy. But you can renew some parts that you bought before but still be fashion for a long time! Since then, let’s see what are the trends that have made a success in 2016 and you can continue investing, because it will still be a hit in 2017, write it down:

Primary colors, if you play in this trend

Trends for next season

1 – transparency

Yes, to the delight of the majority of women in general, it will continue shaking as a whole piece or only in small details. And of course, undeniably, the transparency can become more sexy and fashion! And pay attention, in this game of hide and seek, in addition to the translucent fabrics, the details leaked also continue with everything.

2 – black and white

As to be expected, the double contrasting classical color, the black & white will continue be popular. There is no doubt that these two colors make you more chic and stylish. Therefore, invest without fear!

3- cropped

Directly come from the 1990s, they don’t want to leave so early, so the tendency of cropped tops will continue at the next season. For those who don’t remember should leave at least one faixinha the belly out, giving a brash and modern touch. The tip is to bet in combination with a high waist.

4 – sports-shirt

They are also known as jerseys, inspired by the uniforms of American football, baseball and basketball, leaving a stripped look. If you can combine them well, it also can be a girly. So, invest in them, and you can still see them in the next season.

5- overalls

They are loved by most women, after all, it stretches and presses the extra pounds and can invest without fear as long as the shorts models will dominate the streets once again. If you want to adopt a more retro look, the trick is to choose a traditional jean.

6- hair accessories

You can buy them without doubts because it will continue to be popular. It can make the hair beautiful and ornate; it can be worn with tiaras, cool hats, romantic hats and so on. The tip is to bet on accessories that most match with your style to give an up in vision.

Anyway, these are the trends in 2016 that will continue into 2017. The trick is to combine old with new pieces.

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