Sports Bra Chest Protector

Let’s start with a topic that concerns us all and which is often:

What sports bra choose to protect our chest?

Well Yes, although we like any run, we did not necessarily want to end up with two beautiful toilet gloves in a few years! Not to mention the problems of irritation… In short, it is a very important topic for us women, subject which unfortunately tends to neglect!

And if we started with a bit of history… ?

In 1975, Glamorise came out the first specific sport bra. Glamorous, isn’t it?

Although very popular with clients, many dealers refused to distribute this kind of product, and the model was withdrawn.

Is that a few years later, with the explosion of jogging, sport Bras reclaimed their appearance, as below, the brand Shock Absorber, which is launched with the support of Sally Gunnell.

Well, now that the moment culture is gone, back on topic

It is true that when you see the price of the Bras, we there think twice… I hope that this article will help you see things more clearly.

I propose to see the models most used today by the runners:


One, it’s my favorite, I swear by it! (Isa, 95 c)! Seamlesscups, dubbed in sponge. What surprises me the most, it’s the comfort at the level of the shoulder straps. They are padded and super nice. In short, I love it!

 SHOCK ABSORBER, for sale at Decathlon: about €40

Once again, a very comfortable bra for heavy breasts with a very very good maintained. The sizes go up to G Cup!

The straps are padded and adjustable. There is also a double clasp in the back. Finally, the material absorbs moisture and evacuated him to leave the skin dry during exercise.

The little extra: Reflective strip on the cups to be able to wear it without a top night, adjustable straps

The opinion of Delphine of Trail between them, 31 years old, 90 c : I recommend this bra has all those who have a generous bust, making the race to feet. Over injuries from inappropriate bra! The qualities of this product are: comfort, very good maintenance and lightness! In short run rhymes with freedom!

 Anita Dynamix Star, German brand: €60 on sale here

I find this sublime bra! She received the Red Dot design award. It has a patented Home Easy On & Off, system that allows an easy threading and nakedness through a wide opening. (It avoids to your hats us )

Again, we have a racerback for freedom of movement and a high maintenance.

The little extra : settings of the braces from the front

Delphine of Trail between them, 31 years old, 90 c view : the best support I have ever experienced! I like the fact that you can add to the level of the shoulders and back so that it fits perfectly to the skin. Expensive Yes, but go blindfolded, worth the cost because the maintenance is really perfect!

Zsport Zbra Evolution, Mark French: €40 for sale here

This jacket is equipped with a closing on the front for a simple and fast implementation, suspenders foam for extra comfort to the level of the shoulders, and a ‘V’ back for freedom of movement.

The little extra : passers-by of fixing allow you to hang your heart rate monitor.

The notice of Estelle, staff of Trail Entre ELLES, 85 c, 39 : I a priori from the closure in front, I was afraid that she hurt me. There is a Ribbon of protection between the skin and the zip to feel no friction, and a small hook helps us keep everything to close. Initially, the compression is such that it’s frankly hard to breathe! But the feeling fades quickly. Aesthetics, the very wide straps are visible, could not show off in tank top. But this isn’t the goal right, you frimera later with your beautiful neckline! The V-back leaves a great freedom of movement, it’s nice. During the race, maintaining is obvious. The chest is compressed, and movement is small. The straps are foam and do not cause any tension or friction during the meeting. In short, a very good product for maintaining maximum, essential to the practice of running. I bought my first model 2 years ago and never I’ve had problems with this closure, I have since bought a second and I come to 2 other!

ODLO High Ultimate Fit, mark Switzerland: about €50

This jacket is highly appreciated by the runners to strong chest. In X straps allow to have a better maintains, with a broad back with three staples setting. The padded straps offer good comfort.

The little extra: Molecules of money against the growth of bacteria and odors

View Nathalie de Trail Entre ELLES, 95 d, 45 years of age (who is very talkative: p: the material is comfortable, wife perfectly forms and evacuates the great perspiration: no feeling of cool moisture as I could blame it on other models.) Top comfort with the wide band elasticated: no irritation, no friction, and I even slip below my belt cardio! Wash after wash (they dry super fast), the bras are always at the top (just the logo “odlo” disappearing little by little), do not, relax don’t show signs of weakness (my most old date from the summer 2013). In summary, what I love most of all, it is maintaining. The downside, if we find 1, is that it takes the flexibility and dexterity to staple!

In conclusion

A quality jacket will always be a cost. But an adapted bra is essential for the health of our breasts. The breasts are not the muscles, they are based on the pectorals and are maintained only by the ligaments of Cooper who provide the support role. At sports practice, Cooper ligaments, natural BRA, are exposed to the jumps, falls and shocks. Therefore, it is important to take care of, with a bra suitable for physical activity.

Feel free to comment this article to talk about your favorite brands! I know that Triumph has released a range of sport which is also much appreciated. I also heard about the Addidas Infinite Supernova bra that fits very well to the girls who have a small chest and a broad back.