Sporting Activities to Do in the Summer

Get to know some of the arrangements are great to take advantage of the nice weather and keep in shape.

Summer Physical Exercise

Summer is a time of heat, sun, beach and holidays and often leave the physical exercise of the side. But even during the summer you need to put aside the sport, especially when this time of year provides you with a number of sporting activities that allow you to take advantage of the summer and still help to keep the shape.



It is impossible to talk of sporting activities to do in the summer without speaking in the surf. And for the same reason, it is by him that we started.

Surfing is a sport full, that not only works the major muscle groups as is still a great cardiovascular exercise.

And as if that wasn’t enough, in addition to being quite entertaining, even will help burn these fats, tone muscles and improve your posture, balance or agility. More, in an hour of surfing can burn up to 300 calories.

The other option is the body board. If you do not know, what such learn? Just look along the beach the usual, and certainly will find a school of surf/body board. Try it out!


It is fashionable, and is easy to understand why. The Stand Up Paddle appeared already in 40 years in Hawaii but in recent years has been gaining many supporters in many countries and Portugal is no exception. Is – nothing more, nothing less – than a mix of rowing and surfing.

Easier to learn than surfing, SUP is practiced usually in ponds or rivers. This activity allows you to have fun, relax and keep in shape at the same time. The idea is simple: will you paddle standing on top of a surfboard.

The Stand Up Paddle will require a good dose of balance, but a good part of this modality is that it allows you to work the entire body at once. At the end of the summer will certainly notice your arms and legs more firm.

Before you begin, it is best to look for an instructor that you can give all the indications and techniques help you maintain a good posture, to avoid injury (the most common are in the column, that should want to avoid at all cost).


More an aquatic activity. The canoeing is quite complete in physical terms. It will allow you to work the arms, chest and back. Practiced in a kayak or canoe, the mode gives you several possibilities.

Both can simply go canoeing as a sport to stay in good shape, as you venture downhill to the river with a group of friends, for example. And even that does not have the necessary equipment you will easily find places where you can rent.


To leave a little bit of water. Sure, you can enjoy cycling all year round but why not take advantage of the summer and take advantage of the good weather and cycle paths that are a little bit all over the country.

In addition, just an hour bike ride and can burn more than 800 calories. And of course, you can still enjoy a nice walk with the family, for example.


And who says tennis, also says badminton or paddle tennis, for example. All good sports to practice outdoors. Choose the one you like the best and then just search for a suitable space.


Ideal for those looking for something more quiet. But don’t be mistaken if you think that quiet means easy, because it is not. The golf requires a lot of technique and will “force them” to work multiple muscle groups. To start search the nearest golf course to have some lessons.


A warning: it is not cheap, but if you like to swim, and is fascinated by the underwater world, this is the modality that’s right for you. And it is not only because you offer a privileged view of the wonders of the bottom of the sea, but also because it has several health benefits.

For example, A one hour dive can burn up to 400 calories and also stimulates the respiratory and cardiovascular system, improves strength and flexibility, or working intensively on the muscles and activates the blood circulation. Look for the choice of diving over the next (many hotels already offer this service).

In places more exotic you can always opt for snorkeling where you only need mask, fins, and be able to hold their breath for a glimpse of what is under the water!


Another variant of the surf. The windsurfing is practiced on a surfboard with a sail that serves to change the direction of the board. This modality will work the upper and lower limbs and, in addition, will help to strengthen and define the abdomen.


Well-known and highly popular (throughout the world). In fact, in the vast majority of the beaches you will find spaces prepared for this modality. In a time of beach-volleybal can “say goodbye” to more than 400 calories and will work the legs, arms, buttocks and abdomen. All at once. And by means of you’ll certainly be entertained.


If up to now none of the above pleases you can always opt for the most basic activity, the cheaper, but equally effective. A beautiful run (or walk) outdoors always knows well and in the summer even better. You can do it in the street or on the beach.