Sport After Pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth are over and now… it’s time to put your life in order (as much as possible). And that includes starting to do sport again. Do you know everything you have to keep in mind at this stage? We’ll tell you.

When Do You Start Doing Sports Again?

Quarantine Is Untouchable

It is called quarantine at 40 days (approximately) after delivery, which is what it takes our body to return to a “normal” situation : the uterus regains its size, cephalus lochia (bleeding), … Everything must return to its site , And these 40 days we must be calm, and give our body much rest so that it can recover properly.

During those days and only if you feel like it, you can take small walks (small!), Walking quietly.Do some relaxation exercise, some small stretching, …

“Creating a new life is perhaps the greatest effort that your body has to face in your whole life. After that enormous effort we must let him recover correctly.”

It is very normal to feel very tired and tired these days. It will happen. Now you just have to recover.
Even if you feel like it, these first 40 days you should take it very calmly and dedicate to exercises softer, similar to the ones that you did when being pregnant.

Start Over Again

Once the quarantine has passed, and only if you feel like it, you can start practicing some exercise.

That yes, you must start gradually, making efforts low the first few days and increasing the intensity very little by little.

In this age you must be more than ever attentive to the signals transmitted by your body.Listen to him, and pay attention to all the sensations you have while taking up the sport. If you notice that it is still not your time to start over, stop, and try again later.

There are a couple of red lines that we should not cross: if you re-bleed (even if very little) or if you notice pain in the area of ​​the uterus, are unmistakable signs that you have not yet finished recovering, and that you should wait longer To start moving. If these problems persist, you should consult your doctor to explore and check that everything is in order.

What Precautions Should I Take?

Listen To Your Body

Listen to your body and the sensations that it transmits to you. Adapt training to how you feel each day, and do not try to do more than you can at first.

Pay Attention To Your Pelvic Floor

Pregnancy and childbirth are very hard tests for the pelvic floor, which is now weakened and needs specific exercises to strengthen. If above is not the first pregnancy but you have had more than one pregnancy and childbirth, it will be a very delicate area to work.

Include in your routine the exercises of Keggel, that will help you to strengthen that zone. You can do them at any time of the day and it does not matter: while you eat breakfast, while you are on the bus, after the stretches of your training session, … you will see how soon you get to dominate them. It is important that, once the immediate postpartum has passed, let us not forget them: these exercises should always be practiced in our day to day life. They are few minutes and can save us many scares.

If you see that you have problems with your pelvic floor (pain, discomfort, loss of urine, …), consult your doctor, since you can offer different alternatives and exercises to solve them (specific therapy, exercises, physiotherapy…).

Do Not Do Contraindicated Exercises

There are some exercises that may be discouraged in the postpartum period, as they can force areas that are not fully recovered.

If you have had a cesarean section you have to wait a long time, until everything has healed well, before doing exercises related to the abdomen.

Regardless of the type of delivery, there are a type of exercises that we must avoid (or always do under supervision), such as the abs. The abdominals load a lot on the pelvic floor, which we have at this time very weak. You should wait a while and do a lot of Keggel exercises until you get them back into your workouts.


Yes, I know, now it seems impossible to take time to take care of you in the least. The baby cries and complains and you only have five minutes a day to dedicate to you. But it is important that you take care of yourself, that you eat well, that you moisturize your skin, that you take a shower every day, … If you are going to do more sport: do not hurry and stretch correctly, do not hesitate to finish and cream.

Take Care Of Your Food

Eat well. Try to make a balanced diet, in which you contribute enough calcium, iron and vitamins. Your body has made a great effort to form and fatten the baby, and has been a major wear, from which it must recover.

If you have gained weight during pregnancy and now you want to lose it, do it slowly, and always keep all the important nutrients in your diet (just eat a little less, but not lacking vegetables, meat, fish, fruit, hydrates, …).

In case you are breastfeeding this aspect is doubly important, since you must produce the milk that your baby will have as the only source of food.


At this time you must take special care of hydration: drink all the water you need, taking into account all the liquids you lose doing sports. This advice is especially important if you are also breastfeeding your baby: in that case you need an extra supply of liquids to produce milk. Drink while you breastfeed your baby, and during your training sessions.

What Sports Can I Do After Pregnancy?

You can go back to practicing any sport, being careful of the blows and attending to your capacity in each moment.

If you have little time,look for sports that have short sessions in which you can “desenogarte” in a little while and put the heart to the top: spinning, running, body-combat…

If you want to strengthen any area inparticular , look for exercises with which you muscules more. It can be very useful if you have to hold the baby for a long time in your arms, or if your back hurts when loading the cart for example.

Exercise With The Baby?

Many moms choose to exercise with the baby. Thus, we take the time that we are taking care to get a little in shape.

This, the truth, that very practical is not. The baby moves, claims to be in the arms all the time, wants to eat, … But hey, if we do not have another option, it can be a fun way to do something in all the hours we spend with him, do not you think? Besides, it can be a lot of fun.

Another very good way to exercise with the baby is to take advantage of the little ride that we have to take the baby every day and do long walks, brisk walking, … even there are special carts to run (from the baby is Keeps sitting).

Will I Feel As Strong As Before? Will I Lose Those Extra Pounds?

Keep in mind that it’s been a long time (and nothing less than a pregnancy) since you last played dead.
Even so, the body returns to its relatively fast form, and in a short time you will be able to feel fit again. Of course, beginnings are always a little rough.

You must begin little by little, and go up in intensity . When you feel good sensations and the body asks for more, you can go back to training as before.

Even so, it is quite normal that the first two months you feel worse than before: you are sleeping very little, maybe you have taken a kilo of more, you have hormones running all over your body, the baby claims you day and night, … Take it very calmly , And you will see that little by little you are back as before, the one you had withheld !.

Regarding the extra kilos, you should know that they will leave. For that:

If you choose to breastfeed, it will help you lose weight more quickly.

You should take a balanced diet, even if you lower the amounts slightly.

Get some exercise several days a week.

In no case should you lose more than half a kilo per week: not the best time to do wild diets.Your body needs to recover.

Do not worry if you have taken more kilos of the account: if you like the sport you will lose them faster than you think, and you will find yourself equal in a few months.

Sports And Lactation

You can do sport at the same time as you breastfeed your child, without any problem. Of course, there is some detail that you should know, we tell you:

Milk Changes Its Taste Slightly:

After doing sport, it is normal for milk to change its taste slightly (as it increases lactic acid in its composition). That increase in lactic acid and that change of taste does not harm the baby, so we should not worry at all . Most babies do not have any problems with those changes, and they suck too. It is true that a small percentage of babies reject the breast after the mother has exercised. If this is your case, you can get some milk after you have done sport and offer the breast a good while later.

You Should Not Do Exercises That Leave You Exhausted:

The composition of milk can change if we pass training and we do not have the body prepared for that type of efforts. So maybe this is not the best time to do your first marathon. It should be pointed out that it only happens if we do very hard exercises, which we are not accustomed to . A little proper exercise to our endurance does no harm.

Avoid Sports Where You Can Hit Your Chest:

The breast is especially sensitive during lactation because it is constantly producing milk, which contains bacteria that help the child’s health. But these same beneficial bacteria can cause problems … During breastfeeding mastitis can occur if you suffer a strong blow to the chest, or if you press too much (for example if you carry a backpack whose handle presses the chest for a long time). In these cases the ducts may become clogged due to inflammation, and mastitis may occur. Try to prevent this from happening, and if you notice after a blow or have pressed, you get a fever and your chest hurts, consult your doctor without waiting for more.

Take Special Care Of Hydration:

If you are breastfeeding you need an extra supply of hydration to be able to produce milk and find you well. When we play sports we lose a lot of fluid, especially in those exercises that make us sweat excessively. That is why we should take great care of hydration, drinking more liquid than we would normally consume.

Eat well:

Breastfeeding, like sport, means a lot of energy for the mother. You must eat enough to meet your needs. Keep in mind that breastfeeding your child will need to eat more calories to cover that expense.

Look For A Good Sports Bra, Which Is Your Size.

Surely you have changed size and now you need one, two or even three more sizes. Do not throw your old bras: you’ll wear them again in a few months. But, for the moment, make a good gift and buy yourself a bra of your new size, with a high degree of support, so that your chest does not suffer during these delicate months. If you do not want to spend a lot, you can find cheaper sports bras (from 15 euros) , which will serve you until you can use the ones you already had.

How to choose a sports bra (large sizes)

If this issue of breastfeeding worries you, I recommend reading this article from the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (has a section on sports):