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Magico builds the world’s best and most expensive boxes. Even the entry-level model Magico V 2 (20000 euro) is the world’s elite behind him.

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Munich, may 2009: everywhere on the high end there is the usual hectic short pure listening and again go. But in Room D 119 visitors as tied up sit upstream of the system. Perhaps, because hardly a music (we’re talking of course about canning) is ever so naturally and rousing-plastic like with these speakers Magico had M 5. Probably, because here so clearly was, Hi-Fi can be beautiful. And although everyone knew that it was a fairly expensive fun, they listened as the (5 M euros 100_000), the response was euphoric. I have never experienced it in over 20 years, in which I now visit the high end, that a demonstration across all storage so unanimously to the “best sound of the show” was chosen.

Magico can still better and more expensive. 160_000 is the standard box model 6 euros, fully active Horn system ultimate a smooth million. Fortunately for HiFi fans but the Americans have also “cheaper” in the program: the V 3 for 28_000 euro (test in 6/08, since then work reference) and the mini II for 37_000 euro (test in 8/09, since compact speaker reference). Both are, as far as ease and naturalness of reproduction, hard to beat.

And now the “entry-level” V 2 for 20_000 euros, the Magico-mastermind and CEO (named something like “President” in United States) Alon Wolf already 2008 announced during his visit to Stuttgart. On the occasion I tried to elicit from him the secret of this naturalness of its loudspeakers. “What thing better are you doing differently than the competition,?” But besides the usual “we use the best development software and the best components” to elicit from him was not initially much illuminating.

Then after all, but this: the enthusiastic guitarist Wolf is a mechanics Versessener, in which nothing may wiggle but nothing. And he wants only the best ingredients; He used lots of time for comparison listening of several magnetic systems or different capacitors. His credo: no compromise – anywhere. But because it is a 20_000-euro-speaker similarly uncompromising like to build one for double or even five times?

Apparently Yes. Because the V 2 a beautifully processed tone furniture, whose housing is very stiff Birch plywood, a total of 28 centimeters is strong. Each location is slightly over 1 mm thick Birch wood. 17 of them yield a thickness of 20 mm. At the V 2 now are 14 of these panels glued together. The middle section of this massive wooden block is milled; so can be not only any forms, but also every wall thickness on the inside.

Then the fabric is elaborately sanded and painted. Because of the many layers, this is a real challenge, but ideally will be mastered by the Magico carpenters: no edge disturbs the paint shines through fine, and the baffle made of aluminium is perfectly allowed. Here already the touch is an experience.

No compromises in the Assembly. Stereoplay readers from the V know the excellent high-frequency ring radiator from scan speak and the 7-inch bass with extremely stiff glass fiber/Rohacell cone 3. And as for the big sisters are the chassis in a surface-mounted, 2.5 cm massive aluminium baffle (Wolf: “wood is too soft.) Since nothing permanently holds”) screwed. Except that V 2 compared to stereoplays V3 work reference is missing a real midrange. The upper bass takes over this area (the lower up to 400 hertz runs until 2000,). That this solution not always of disadvantage must be proved to the hearing test. But this later.

Uncompromising, Wolf also waives some decibel sound pressure in the bass. Because he is under imprecise bass bass reflex designs, he interpreted the V 2 (like all Magico models) closed. The overall efficiency is correspondingly modest: 82 decibels rather lie at the bottom of modern constructions. But who spends 20_000 euro for one such speaker, will surely potent amplifier Electronics does not save…

The claim is reasonable, we headed on everything for the hearing test, implying rank and name in this class: the duration scale B & W 800 D (1/06, 63 points), the KEF reference 207/2 (5/08, 64 points), the new canton reference 1.2 DC and PIEGAS dipole master one (both 9/09, both 64 points).

To make it short. Any of these top transducer was superior in some respects of the V 2 in part to lengths: the B & W with the fine treble and bass power, the KEF with the live-like dynamic skills and of plastic figure, the Canton with the handsome bass Foundation and the great distortion, the Piega with precise bass and the generous three-dimensional soundstage. Needless to stress that the V 2 against these cars in linearity and maximum level had not stand a chance; even the Piega played felt an octave deeper. But here you go: Here two small 17 cm bass in enclosed housing strive…

And yet none of the established flagships was actually better. Because the V 2 showed this lightness in the representation, this naturalness in the entire mid-Highrange and this uniformity, highlighting also the big Magicos from the crowd.

“Eleanor Rigby” the King singers (EMI) moved up the Piega on the room and gave each singer more space and “Air”. But the V 2 conjured up the singer more something plastic onto the stage, hit the notes more precisely and gave the voices characters so still more.

Or Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” (Live). The recording, especially the drums, and the crisp guitar of master came over much more powerful, shipcame, impulsive – KEF as the concert. And yet: swinging out of the skins, the appearance of Hendrix’s voice, that everything was about the Magico a little finer, more natural and Without slag. I hate to use the hackneyed image, but here it fits: the V 2 plays as a thin veil would be moved away.

And so 3 (66 points) to determine location had to be used but the V. With Friedemann’s “Little plucking music” (“Saitensprünge”, inak) I find usually quickly detail and pulse assets of a box. To my amazement, the little V 2 acted here yet impulsive, almost “real”. Purported me here about a high THD for more speed and dynamics? Again and again I ran the decisive points in the player.

No: At normal levels, the V 2 was actually lively and natural – to lose the overview more quickly at higher volumes. The V was a total sovereign 3: the bass blacker, the figure is still stable. So the hierarchy remained intact, although I personally more 2 has tended to the V… For listeners with smaller or medium-sized rooms, meet moderate level, I mean, there are currently no greater temptation than these “newcomers”-Magico.

When speakers are playing, move the membranes and produce so vibrations on the body. Due to these vibrations, the fortifications of especially the low – and midrange loosen up over the course of time.

The result is obvious: the sound is always imprecise, because the drivers get more game. In particular baffles made of wood give here fairly quickly. Some vendors recommend tightening the fasteners all half a year, and most of you, dear readers, will be amazed how far the screws out have already migrated.

At the meeting with Alon Wolf on the high end 2009 this was equal to his first question: “you did after the screws of V 3?” Of course I had, although it is somewhat cumbersome. He has makes it easier for its new V 2: with the three (continuous) service on the back you can tighten the entire aluminium baffle quite easily back stick hard – on Since Wolfschem ideal no longer wobbles.

Magico V2

Manufacturer Magico
Price €20000.00
Rating 65.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

General data
Width 25.0 cm
Height 105.0 cm
Depth 30.0 cm
Weight: 35.0 kg
Installation tip: as free with at least 50 cm away from the side wall. For rooms up to 25 m2
Measured values
Operating voltage for 90 dB SPL 5.1 V
Impedance minimum stp 3.3 ohms
Maximum volume upper value 101 dB
Maximum volume lower value (> 45 Hz) 101 dB
Lower cut-off frequency (-3dB) 46 Hz
Lower cut-off frequency (-6 dB) 38 Hz
Short conclusion A real Magico: Beautifully processed and sonically blessed with a naturalness and ease Jessica unparalleled. In spite of the high price of cheap.
Sound Absolute top class
Naturalness 15
Fine resolution 15
Border dynamics 10
Bass quality 10
Figure 15
Sound points (70 points) 65
Measured values 7
Practice 4
Valency 10
Overall rating (max. 120 points) very good 86
Price / performance outstanding
tested in output 10 / 09