Speaker Cable Van Den Hul Revelation Hybrid

The gripping speech of the HMS concertato owned the van den Hul revelation hybrid (1100 euro) not quite, but it showed a consistent timing of the musicians.

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From the outside that is revelation hybrid in form two separate lines simply. However, the internal structure is complicated and full of surprises. So, 0.15 millimeter thin, silver-plated copper wires slumbering in the heart 294 (!). These are from a situation of carbon fibers – where the name hybrid comes – tightly wrapped. This situation is now even by 16 strands a 42 surrounded 0.15 mm diameter wires.

Thus, the entire cross-section of the metal head is gigantic 17 mm2. The carbon fiber film is thereby not counted, since she only minimally will contribute if their higher resistance to the Stromtranspoport, because electron – like almost everything in this world – go the path of least resistance.

The revelation hybrid is supplied as a single-wire. The manufacturer recommends four or five times per metre to twist the two strings. To reduce the inductance, we have applied this probate means, then also for the hearing test.

The van the Hul enjoyed the jury with natural, pleasant colors and generous space. Although it offered not all of the detail and the Finely spun tweeter of the Siltech classic anniversary 220 L, but more bass pressure that other minimally tended to the smudging.

The gripping of the HMS concertato speech not quite had the revelation, for it showed but a consistent timing of the musicians reached therefore tie and also 13 sound points of increase in.

Van den Hul revelation hybrid

Manufacturer Van den Hul
Price €1100.00
Rating 13.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Outer conductor insulation
Inner conductor insulation
Material and type of the inner conductor
Material and type of shielding
Measured values
Series inductance
Series Inductivity
Series resistance
Parallel capacity
Parallel drainage
Cable impedance
Sound enhancement 13
Sound tendency Red
Price performance 8
tested in issue: 2 / 10