Soul of Diamond – Luxury Watch

“Soul of Diamonds” is the luxury watch studded with 460 brilliant adhesive clock Studio from Werder, Brandenburg, Germany.

Since 2010, Frank Kleber in the Brandenburg province produces mechanical watches. This risk is already unusual enough. But now the self-taught went a step further and made a ticking luxury copy in the value of a mid-size car: “Soul of Diamonds” he has called the timer…

Frank Kleber processed 460 brilliant-cut diamonds approximately 3.7 carats for its new luxury watch “Soul of Diamonds“. The precious stones are on the bezel and the lugs. The dial of the watch is held in dark blue, as well as the hand-sewn alligator leather strap.

Instead of diamonds that know “Soul of Diamonds” small brilliant-cut diamonds as indexes to more gems can be found on the clasp of the bracelet. Glue put the modified as clockwork “Venus 175 column wheel switching caliber” one, which consists of over 250 items.

“Soul of Diamonds” – New Luxury Watch from Brandenburg

The “soul of diamonds” is based on the new Clubtime date series, presented by Frank Kleber around two months ago. The series for the 5th anniversary of manufacture of adhesive clock Studio includes 28 chronograph of variants of dial. The new complication of the large date display is all together and developed by Frank Kleber himself and built in seconds stop function.

Highlight of Adhesive Clock Workshop

The “soul of diamonds” is the by far most expensive watch from the adhesive clock Studio with a price of 26.780 euros. So far there only once, but on request the restless watchmaker produces more timepieces with diamonds for its customers, which have two things in common with security: you appreciate rare watches and they admire adhesive courage.