Sony Working on an Xperia X Premium with HDR Display

During the last MWC, Sony has introduced its new range of smartphone Xperia X, designed to replace the current Z line. Among the three models shown, Xperia X Performance represents the new top of the range of Japanese, featuring a 5 GB of RAM memory and SoC FullHD, “Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.

Sony Working on an Xperia X Premium with HDR Display

It seems though that the Xperia X product family will not be limited to only three devices, as some rumors suggest that Sony is already working on a fourth Terminal, the alleged Xperia X Premium. The Premium theme song was introduced by Sony last year with its Xperia Z5 Premium, a variant of 25 identical in hardware with the exception of the display, the first Panel with 4 k Ultra HD resolution ever debuted on a smartphone.

Even the next Xperia X Premium could follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, except X Performance exclusively for the type of display used. In this case, however, it seems that Sony has put a brake on the rising rush of resolution, since X Premium should adopt a FullHD 1080 p resolution 5.5 “. The real news about the type of Panel used, since we are discussing the first HDR display dedicated to a smartphone.

The benefits of taking an HDR display relate mainly to the high brightness you can reach; early sources speak of values of 1000 nits (HDR1000), although apparently it’s possible to reach, in principle, the 1300 nits, a value that hardly will be implemented because of high consumption. In addition, a panel HDR can support a greater number of color shades, reaching 1024 against 256 (8 bit) of current LCD display. Very interesting contrast values, equal to 2000:1, and refresh rate that is finally able to reach 120 Hz in this field too. Finally, it seems that the display will not be made exclusively by Sony, but this is a work done in collaboration with the Japanese company JDI.

In short, Sony seems concerned to include all the main features found on high-end televisions UHD HDR inside its true top of the line, leaving aside, for the moment, the exercise in style that was made with Premium Z5 adopting a resolution “more concrete”.

For the moment there are no specific details about the possible commercialization or cost of this Premium Variant; We should await the next rumor to get more details.