Sony Smartwatch 2 In The Long-Term Test

Since last year, watches as an extension to the smartphone are growing up. The most famous Smartwatch is certainly the Samsung Galaxy Gear , but also the previously announced Motorola Moto 360 and LG G-Watch attract attention.

But Sony has already released two models, which can definitely be seen. I would like to introduce you here with the Sony SmartWatch 2 the newer of the two watches, which I now carry on the wrist for two months.


Nice Packaging & Delivery Without Usb Power Adapter

Before I bought the SmartWatch 2 from Sony , I also watched the Samsung Galaxy Gear. This I liked visually not quite as well and also the material choice seemed to me not optimal. In addition, she is very clumsy and the bracelet was too stiff for me.

On the other hand the Sony SmartWatch 2 with a noble black metal strap on the top and at that time with 150 euros also cost well 80 euros less than the smart clock from Samsung. The more surprising I was that even the packaging looked high-quality and noble and presented as a mixture of plastic box and cardboard. Inside you will find, besides the Smartwatch, the charging cable as well as instructions in all the necessary languages. A USB network adapter is unfortunately not included, but this should be found in every household.


Smartwatch 2 With Different Bracelets

I like the design of the Sony SmartWatch 2 very much personally. Even if the watch is not round, it has a pleasant size and does not interfere with wear thanks to slender 122 grams by no means. The square shape with the rounded corners and the silver trim is very elegant and the bracelet adapts perfectly to the wrist through the individual limbs. The advantage over stiff rubber wristbands like the Galaxy Gear is clear here, because the SmartWatch 2  sits well on narrow arms well and is nowhere disturbing. In addition, the first link of the wristband is freely movable and thus provides optimum freedom of movement with almost every wrist circumference.

The discreet closure is just as practical as well-solved, closes reliably and is hardly recognizable except for the small Sony lettering. There are two small latches on the side, which, when pressed at the same time, open the latch easily and without problems. Typical for metal bracelets, the buckle is made of two large tabs, which enlarge the diameter of the bracelet, allowing you to easily remove the watch.

However, anyone who is not happy with a metal bracelet can find many other bracelets in the accessory shop or can directly opt for the Sony SmartWatch 2 with rubber band, which is again somewhat cheaper. In addition to various colors you will also find leather bracelets as well as models made of fabric. This offers the advantage that you can change the wristbands, as with any conventional watch, on request.

The only physical button on the SmartWatch 2 is located on the right side, elegantly integrated into the design. Press this button to wake up the clock or return it to idle mode.When operated for the first time, it acts as a push-button.


Contrast & Customizable Design

On the top is the display. It is 1.6 inches large and dissolves with 220 by 176 pixels. Even if the sound is small, the resolution is sufficient to read everything. The brightness is as good as the displayed colors and contrasts. Even the white value is coherent, which has surprised me almost a little. The display can adjust its brightness automatically to the environment, so that you can see at night as well as in sunlight.

I particularly like the energy-saving mode, which automatically activates after a few seconds to save the battery. Instead of simply turning off the display, it is dimmed and the color of the digits changes from a rich white to a dark, almost metallic yellow. Even in this mode, the display contents can be easily read off and the display still looks very classy. Pressing the single button will return full brightness.

Below the display are three touch-sensitive buttons for home, back and menu, similar to the ones we know from Android smartphones. When the screen is activated, you will be taken to the home page using the Home button, which displays the status bar on which the battery status, time, and notifications are displayed.


Clock Design As Desired

Everyone has different ideas when designing a watch. Because it is just right that you can adapt to the bracelets also the display of the time and the notifications freely. In addition to various preset designs, there are other apps that allow you to adjust the look freely. So you decide whether you want a digital or rather an analog watch display, or whether weather and date should be displayed directly-the possibilities are almost unlimited. Also the background of the home screen and the order of installed apps are individualizable. There is a lot of space and numerous possibilities.


Connection Via Bluetooth & Nfc

To use the Smartwacht, you need a smartphone. In contrast to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, which only works with Samsung’s own devices, it does not matter at Sony which manufacturers you set, as Android Android version 4.0 is played and the phone has Bluetooth or NFC.

Sony is another plus in comparison to Samsung. Finally, I would not have to change my watch just because I buy another smartphone.

Now that SmartWatch 2 and your smartphone can communicate with each other, you need the app SmartWatch, which you can download for free at the Google Play Store. After the installation, you activate your Bluetooth connection or use NFC and hold both devices together for a short time. Once the connection is established, the smartphone and clock can be found again and again as soon as they are within a range of up to ten meters.


Notifications, Appointments & Smartphone Battery

What exactly can the Sony SmartWatch 2  now? As such, the clock itself does not have any function except for the time display, but receives all essential data from the smartphone.

The App SmartWatch comes  into play again, via which you make settings and installs other applications. I’ve installed and set up apps for Google Hangouts, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All the settings you make there are automatically transmitted via Bluetooth. In addition, I have not activated all people for Twitter or Facebook notifications, but only set up some, important contacts for me. Thus, I am not bothered in the secondary act of communications, but only in the activities of selected people. However, all of these settings affect only the clock, the smartphone itself responds completely independently.

So if I get a message from a person important to me, this information is not only displayed on the smartphone but also on the clock. Followed by a short, pleasant vibration, the display wakes up and the app signals who has written something.

How this is displayed depends on the app: For Twitter, for example, only the name of my contact is displayed, I’m interested in more, I tap the display, so I see the related text or the picture. If I want to know more or answer, I can display the respective notification directly on the smartphone via the option menu. With one click, the Twitter app opens on my phone, shows me the desired message and I can interact.

Thus the SmartWatch 2 could be called a filter. As soon as a notification is received, I can already decide at the clock whether they are interested in me at the current time and if necessary react accordingly. So I do not have to permanently get my smartphone out of my pocket, to see if person X has already written back. This is particularly helpful when you are sitting in meetings, at school or in the seminar, where it is not possible to have the smartphone in your hands at all times. In addition, the clock brings another positive effect: Since you look less on your smartphone, the battery of your phone keeps much longer.

Of course, the SmartWatch 2 can also remind you of appointments and act as an alarm clock or timer. In addition, a pocket calculator function has been integrated, which is somewhat impractical because of the small display size. Much more useful, however, is the possibility to control the music player of the smartphone over the clock. Whether it’s play, pause, or fast-forwarding-everything is possible at the same time with various apps. So you can also display the calendar or the weather forecast.

Everyday Convenience & Battery

Scratch-Resistant With Top Battery Life

There are hardly any limits to functions, but what about everyday life? I can simply recommend the watch. I wear it almost permanently, it sprinkles with its splash protectionwithout problems a rain shower and the dust and scratch protection is also great. After two months of intensive use she still looks like the first day, has no bruises, is very comfortable, is light and looks noble.

Sony speaks with normal use of a three to four-day Akkulaufzeit, which I would sign and expand. On average, I load the clock every five days, which does not take longer than an hour with the included microUSB cable. Even if a permanent Bluetooth connection is necessary for the notifications, now also keeps my smartphone much longer. And if I disable Bluetooth on holiday and do not use the connection, I still have a stylish clock, which shows me loosely seven days without battery charging date and time.


Versatile Watch In Chic Design

In summary, I have no choice but to give the full score. In my opinion, the SmartWatch 2 from Sony at the current time is the clock with the most features, the most beautiful and practical exterior and the highest compatibility. In addition, it has a super recharge time and costs with metal bracelet at  Cyberport  currently only 133 euros. Who of you rather on fabric or leather bracelets, can also  buy the cheaper version for  121 euros.

Alternatively, you can wait until the Moto 360 or the G-Watch come on the market. However, these smartwatches will certainly cost a double to a triple with a comparable range of functions for market launch. And this is almost too much for my eyes.