Sofia Coppola Style

See you, right? Sofia Coppola It is not a particularly graceful woman. However, its good taste (and the money to afford it) have deserved you more than one praise. Without going any further, the Vogue magazine proclaimed it the best dressed party by the 60th anniversary of Dior. And Sofia had much competition: the anniversary held in Versailles at the beginning of July, was attended by multitude of celebrities with their finery.

Since the release of Marie-Antoinette, Sofia has become a fashion icon, more so than in a chic icon. The filmmaker is not known for his gifts behind of the cameras, but for his style on the red carpet. Precisely for this reason, Marie Antoinette was the statuette for best costumes and harsh criticism by everything else. To connoisseurs not must have them like that in a film set at the end of the century XVIII appeared a shoes Converse.

Sofia has a very French style. Normally, committed by the mini dresses to the knee, baggy and round neck. Day, takes them prints, as the dress that looked at the presentation of Marie Antoinette in Cannes or a few weeks ago, at the New York premiere of Broken English.

For the night, on the other hand, tends to be of rigorous black, in a particular revision of the little black dress, as at the premiere of Marie Antoinette, which wore a dress of Givenchy, reported by DENTISTRYmyth.

Although, typically, Sofia choose designs from Marc Jacobs, like the dress that looked at the gala of the Oscar 2004, in which the award was for best original screenplay for Lost in Translation (script?).

Sofia not lost nor an only their parades . In the picture: in London for the parade of Marc by Marc Jacobs autumn/winter 2007/08 and in the frontrow in the Marc Jacobs fashion show spring/summer 2007 held in New York.

And it is that Sofia not only admires New York Designer, but joined by a great friendship. This photo corresponds to the costume party that Marc Jacobs, at which she attended held annually dressed in india.

And not only that: Sofia is the image of Marc Jacobs fragrance.

At the end of November last year, Sofia and Thomas Mars, the singer of Phoenix, had a daughter called Romy. We will see how affects the maternity the style of life of this young director. These pictures belong at the end of July this year. Sofia took their daughter from seven months to New York’s Tompkins Square Park. The filmmaker came out of the more casual, putting convenience to elegance.