Smoking in Pregnancy

Pregnancy needs protection and care

It is generally known that the factors of pregnancy and smoking are not well tolerated. Nevertheless, many expectant mothers do not take consideration of your unborn and continue smoking. But what dangers exist for the child and what happens if you can not do without smoking?

Whether a pregnancy is planned or is surprisingly discontinued, one thing is always the same: For the coming mother and for the unborn child, much protection and care is needed in the coming months. In particular, the use of tobacco products should be discontinued completely during pregnancy, since otherwise the child may face serious problems.
In the worst case, a miscarriage occurs. ( Other causes of miscarriage )

Consequences for mother and child

Many mothers smoke before pregnancy and can not leave their cigarettes during pregnancy. According to Babyinger, the toxins contained in cigarettes can harm the unborn child because the developing organism can not resist the inhaled toxins, just as the mother does. It may well be that malformations are attributable to a lack of oxygen.
However, damage from smoking is not always apparent at first sight. Even if concrete malformations do not occur, the children suffer a much higher risk of developing skin diseases or asthma in later years. Because you want to save your child from such risks naturally, the cigarette must be left out during pregnancy.

State of health of the unborn child

Again and again heated discussions about smoking in pregnancy are developing.While many mothers are perceptive, others may or may not want to quit smoking.Strong smokers should therefore at least try to restrict themselves as much as possible.Basically, the less smoked, the less risk is for the unborn child.If you smoke during pregnancy, you should definitely check the health status of the unborn child regularly in order to avoid complications as soon as possible and to take early measures for maintaining your health.All necessary examinations are carried out by the attending physician.But he also stands by with advice and deed, if the mother wants to give up her child for the sake of smoking.

Smoking in pregnancy should be taboo. Unfortunately, some mothers do not manage to get rid of the cigarettes. Although a complete renouncement of smoking is the best way, but also a strong restriction reduces the risks for the unborn child considerably. If one also smokes during the pregnancy, one should keep the health of the unborn child permanently in the eye. This is the only way to identify possible dangers in a timely manner and to take measures to maintain well-being.