Smith Sunglasses, Designed For Demanding People

If you like adventure, you must know the Smith sunglasses. They are lenses made with care and designed for a very demanding audience that offers vision and comfort.

Smith Sunglasses, Designed For Demanding People

“The experience is everything” and any time is good to enjoy 100%.

History Of Smith’s Sunglasses

The company was founded in 1965 with the creation of a thermal lens with perspiration. This invention would revolutionize the ski market especially and place the Smith brand as a benchmark worldwide.

Dr. Bob Smith, a dentist by profession and founder of the brand, made a goggle using dental tools, foam and glue. The prototypes began to be created with friends around a kitchen table.

The firm has come to set the standard for high performance glasses, other glasses and helmets. In recent years has introduced the 5x anti-fog technology, the E / S series offering a system of release lenses, a turbo fan system and another with regulation. In sunglasses, Smith Optics is well known for its patented slide-and- pivot sunglasses, the most innovative interchangeable sunglasses available, and most recently theChromaPop lens that offers unprecedented polarization, clarity and color enhancement.

The Smith Sunglasses At Present

Not many privileged in Spain know these elite lenses, although increasingly appear in the windows of high-tech glasses of many specialized optics and that favors, it is clear.

Smith is synonymous with innovation and durable products. The glasses are high-quality and quality standards certify. It has ambassadors all over the world. Ambassadors who are elite athletes in cycling, athletics, climbing, motocross, surfing or snowboarding. They meet at Smith during the harshest conditions and Smith has a faithful commitment to his sacrifice and effort.

Design is also key in creating each product, performance testing and coloring. It has fashionable creations for both men and women and has a vast catalog to choose from, both for the young and for the adults, although its style is usually more sporty and casual.

In Spain, Carlos Sainz Junior is the ambassador of the brand.The pilot is the signature image and uses the lenses every time he faces a test or race and in his day to day to wear a casual look. Once they are tested, they do not want others.

Smith products are sold in more than 50 countries through specialty and sporting goods stores. To better meet the demands of outdoor enthusiasts around the world, Smith Optics has operations centers in several countries. Corporate offices are still located in Ketchum, Idaho, with development facilities located in Padua, Italy and the Canadian headquarters in Quebec.Warehouse, customer service, and manufacturing facility are in Clearfield, Utah.