Smartphone Sales Numbers: Four Out of Five Sold Phones are Smartphones

You interested for the current smartphone sales figures? Here you’ll get the latest info to the current smartphone sales figures in Germany! Generally the Smartphone sales figures have risen in us, more and more smartphones and tablets go into Germany over the counter. Classic consumer electronics is always less sold. Last year 2013 it looked like this at the Smartphone sales figures: four mobile phones sold by five modern Smartphones.Die smartphone sales figures were vote: whopping 22.4 million smartphones were sold in Germany last year with us, communicated this to the gfu, the society for consumer and communications electronics. Thus the Smartphone sales increased and the volume of sales at the Smartphone climbed 18.8 percent to 8.1 billion euros. Compared to 2012 is this at the Smartphone sales by 22 percent, 2012 18.4 million smartphones were sold. Meanwhile, the Smartphone sales makes all 97 percent of sales at the shop with mobile phones. In the popularity correctly are increased the tablets: sales rose by 66.8 percent to 5.6 million units, sales amounted to 1.8 billion euros according to, he has increased by 36.1 percent. Conventional mobile phones were sold only 4.3 million.

Only five million copies were sold of the notebooks, thus decreased sales by 12 percent, with the classic PCs sales remained more or less constant with 1.3 million units. In comparison to the Smartphone sales numbers looked the TV seller in the tube: last year 17.3 percent were sold 7.8 million units less than in the previous year. Almost 27 billion euros have been implemented in the entire entertainment and communication electronics, 2012, there were 700 million euro more! However, the gfu is optimistic. At the Smartphone sales figures it is by an increase of more than six percent to just under 24 million units this year, revenues expected three percent more and improved to about 8.4 billion euros. According to forecasts, the Tablet PCs compared will be even more popular to the Smartphone sales, since it is more selling tablets by 26 percent, is expected to almost seven million units and a nine percent higher sales with almost two billion euros.

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