Smartphone for Children

Smartphone for children, yes or no? We see the 10 rules for use of the mobile by children and parents, under rules established by pediatricians.

The cultural Association of Pediatricians has signed with the society of doctors for the environment (ISDE – International Society of Doctors for the Environment) and APPLE (Association for the prevention and fight against ElectroSmog) 10 simple tips from PerComputer to the conscious use of the cell phone for children and for adults too!

As for the kids, it’s good to know that, since it cannot be ruled out in the long run development, associated with the use of mobile phones, cancers, is definitely better avoid totally the use.

We see the 10 rules to be adopted for the conscious use of cell phone and smartphone… for children and not only.

  1. Use the headset to lessen the effect of electromagnetic waves on the head (so no blue tooth device)
  2. Avoid the long phone calls;alternate often the ear during conversations and drastically limitane the duration (a few minutes)
  3. Call us when there’s open field (all the “notches”) otherwise the cell increases the power of emissions on your ear
  4. Overnight does not keep the phone on the nightstand, or worse, under the pillow (electromagnetic waves disturb sleep).Do not reload it next to my bed!
  5. During the day do not keep the phone turned on in your pocket or worn on the body, but on the table, in the coat or purse
  6. Do not hold the phone on in hospitals or where there are medical equipment, on airplanes and in the presence of people with devices such as pacemakers and hearing aids
  7. To the movies, theatre, school, your cell phone must be off.The use of mobile phones in school is prohibited by law
  8. Mobile phone use by children should be limited to emergency calls!
  9. Find out what level of emissions (TAS in Watts/kg, the intensity of electric field in V/m) of your smartphone
  10. Inside buildings Mobile/Smartphones increases its output power: indoors better using the fixed public telephone network (not cordless).

The International Agency for research on cancer (IARC) has classified magnetic fields as “possible carcinogenic to humans”, classification assigned to substances for which there is limited evidence of carcinogenicity. In the company of electromagnetic waves there are other agents classified as “possibly carcinogenic” and are the magnetic fields from electricity, petrol fumes, exhaust gases.

Moreover, Interphone, the only international study on electromagnetic emissions caused by mobile phones, wanted in 2000 by Iarc and ended in May 2010, did not prove the causal link between cell phone use and of course the possibility to develop brain tumors. But, it is not even able to exclude it, since the effects are measurable only in the long run. The study showed an increased risk of Gliomas (brain tumor formations of glial origin) only in cellphone intensive group, partly confirming the results of the review by Hardell, who had found a correlation between exposure exceeding 10 years and increased risk for ipsilateral gliomas and acoustic schwannomas beside greater mobile use.

But all this is especially true for adults. With children, remember pediatricians ACP, must apply the precautionary principle. Is so, better to avoid that small get used to use your cell phone as a toy, and it would be preferable to delay the purchase of a mobile phone owned by the child.