Smart Watches Can Reach the Wall of Home

Smart watches may not have completely conquered the consumer, but a company wants to try a new application of these devices:people’s houses. Glance Clock is a smart wall clock that can connect to the user’s smartphone and display notifications and appointments, weather alerts, and incoming calls.

Working together with the cell phone, he can also tell if Uber is at the door.

According to Anton Zriashchev, founder and CEO of Glance Tech, the goal is to make all the devices in the house connect. So, even if you move away from your phone and watch or wall clocks, you can receive the notifications. Here at you can get more information of the fashion wall clocks decorations and the fashion watches trends, which can help you to know the current fashion in the world.

The Glance battery should last between three and six months with a charge, but it is possible to plug the watch into the outlet.According to the developer, it is possible to synchronize up to 5 smartphones to the device.

The product is available for collective financing at Indiegogo and has already extrapolated the target to 830%.Anyone who wants to purchase a unit should shell out from $ 99. The delivery forecast is for February 2017.