Slimline Wall Clock TFA Only 9.79 Euros

TFA wall clock

Buy this cheap TFA wall clock here and save 44%

After many years working, my kitchen clock decided to make a leap into the void from my hands to changing the battery, breaking into the plastic protector into three pieces, in the end, part of the job of the chapucillas household.

And of course, where will I look at the prices of a new one? as Amazon, since I already have a Premium subscription and shipping costs I have them rather than desquitados.

Jumping clock was purchased at a hardware store for about ten years, and had cost me about 20 euros if bad memory, and the qualities are not which are plastics and little else, but if you realize, just out from the wall for cleaning from time to time, or to change the battery, which lasts them a lot by the way , but beware of the broad!

Already I have just this order, because both its design and good views of its users have convinced me, and if you look at their answers and questions that make, say that it is a must watch, and that it looks great on the wall.

Movement quartz, slimline design, you have large numbers so that you can see them from afar, very practical for people with difficulty in vision.

It has a diameter of 28 cm, it works with a single battery of type AA.

Thanks to its color and design, this watch well can be put in the kitchen, office, even in a room if you paste well.

This wall clock costs only 9.79 euros in eHotelat if you are Premium, and if not you’d have to pay shipping costs to older, who are 2.99 euros, unless you want to do the free signup for a month for that service. At the hardware store you can find it by 17.60 euros, in neoferr price is almost the same 17.90 euros, and eBay up 20.63 euros, with shipping included.

Now it hurts less have I loaded my kitchen clock and I’m glad more buying this, I get the feeling that will get primer.