Six Basic Rules If You’re Going To Wear Leggings

Use them for your convenience. The love for your versatility. The leggings came to be essential items in the wardrobe of women, from the youngest to the not so young, because there is something for everyone. However, you need to know how to use them and here we present six ground rules for wearing leggings without running the risk of falling into bad taste.

How To Use Leggings:

  1. Try The Piece Before Buying It.

The leggings have varied origins and tend to be of standard size (one size fits all). Though they stretch and you fit them, that doesn’t mean that the fabric will keep your uniform and can become very transparent. Be careful! You could reveal more than you want.

  1. Avoid Them If You Have Cellulite.

The infamous cellulite puts an obstacle at the moment to use them is that the leggings are usually very thin, so that the orange peel skin show and it’s like you’re not wearing anything according to VintageWill. If you don’t want to give up your comfort, but suffers from this condition, choose darker colors or designs that dissimulem the little holes in your skin (and read the rule 3).

  1. Combine Them With Appropriate Clothing.

Some take too seriously the look of femme fatale and out to the street with the leggings as if they were blue jeans: error. Although you have been working hard in the gym to show their buttocks, it seems best to combine the leggings with blouses, shirts, t-shirts, sweaters or coats that reach at least halfway up the hip. Why? Avoids the risk that are the brands of underwear and let’s recognize: it is more elegant as well.

The fundamental rule to use your leggings boss use them with a shirt, shirt or sweater that you cover at least half of the hip.

  1. Check The Underwear Before Using.

Many women choose to wear them with thongs for underwear lines are not marked, however, there are more possibilities.

Check that your underwear isn’t so tight or it will be even more evident to your existence. Yes, that is either too loose, even if I have the elastic expense or bother to walk or spend the day trying to fix the clothes. Another tip: use common sense when choosing the color of which will use inside: If your leggings are colored, use a underwear (boxer, Thong, Thong or whatever you wish) nude.

  1. Take Advantage.

If you have thin thighs and legs, show and use as printed please you, but if you’re more robust opt for solid colors and dark afinarão your silhouette.

  1. Up Ankles.

Be sure to find an outfit to stay until then, otherwise, you will create the optical illusion that your legs are shorter or will expose your socks and the result will not be favoring.