Site Meets the Terms Commonly Used When Seeking Pornography, Including Brazil

That pornography is one of the issues that generates more traffic on the Internet, everyone knows. What few remember is that every country (and even regions within a country) has quirks, curiosities and different defects on the subject. And if you’ve always been curious to know what are the terms Popular porn sites worldwide, the Global Internet Porn Habits can be a good starting point.

The graphic was created by PornMD, a member of network. Obviously, the focus of research was in the United States, where you can check state by state which the most popular terms. For other countries, a general index was made, without going into regional details.

Still, the Global Internet Porn Habits should please and the curious, not only by the words themselves, but the weirdness. In Romania, for example, “mother and child” appears as the first in the list of most searched terms. In Syria the tare weight is by “aunts” and so on. But Brazil seems to really have a preference national quite strong.

Remember that the data take into account only searches within the network, and so the result is just a sampling. But still gives to lose a good time browsing the chart. Less if you’re at work, of course.