Singing Bird Cage Toys


Digibirds: introduction

In addition to singing different tunes and songs, the Digibirds can also chirp and simultaneously move together, are made in a variety of colours and with special designs that present them as potential collectibles and not just the game.

Digibirds: how much do they cost?

Here in our online store every bird costs 14.95 euros and are on offer, in the price are included the batteries to make it work, this figure we must add the cost of shipment and cage that are excluded.

Digibirds: how many?

The birds of Digibirds are 12 different patterns for different colors and designs: Jade, Sophie, Sunbeam, Amber, Scarlett, Amber, Dizzy, Raindrop, Blue, Sunrise, Snowflake, Legacy.

Digibirds: short description

The birds are available in a variety of colors and designs, to push the kids to collect them all in order to create a large choir. The Digibirds are made of plastic, head and mouth move when they sing or chirp, each box comes a small perch ring that holds the Digibirds and that children can slide on the finger to transport the bird comfortably, the same perch works like whistle that singing mode.

Digibirds: the cage

Each bird can be equipped with a cage to hang, if desired you can buy one for all your Digibirds and make them sing or chirp while they are all hung together.

Digibirds: batteries

Each bird works with 3 button batteries LR44 AG13-with initials, are similar to those that go into many of the most common wrist watches, are supplied with the Digibirds directly in the package, should be placed in the compartment located on the belly of the bird can be opened by unscrewing the small Phillips screw, or tails, using a suitable screwdriver.

Digibirds: sings solo or in chorus

The Digibirds operate according to two different modes, “solo” or “choir”, to choose one or the other you have to use the small lever which is located at the end of the neck, almost on his stomach, bird, selecting one or the other you can create different game modes.

To sing or chirp alone your Digibirs set the switch to position “only”, blows on the beak with the whistle or directly with your mouth to activate, your bird will sing or chirp.

The most fun is when you have more than one Digibirds at the same time to make them sing in chorus.

To make them sing all together you have to follow these steps:

  • Turn off them all, then take whatever you want is identified as the “boss” and switch it on Chorus mode, use the fayne or whistle with your mouth, if the bird has got be head emits 3 tones and then shakes his head.
  • Now you have to go to activate one by one the other “friends” of your Digibirds, turn on the second and whistle chorus mode and wait for the bird emits 6 tones and move your head to one side, this means that it is connected to the main to sing in chorus, but if it were to shake your head means that adding to the chorus has failed and should be redone the procedure, repeat the process for all the Digibirds you want to sing along.
  • When you are finished adding the birds to your choir simply turn them on fischiado, the “boss” will begin to sing only to be followed by all the other fellows who will sing with him.

Digibirds: similar products

On the market there is a version similar to the Digibirds, named Cocoritos, these over to sing or whistle have the difference of being able to repeat the voice of people, you can just press a button, say a sentence and budgies repeat it.

Digibirds: like you children?

Selling my 5 year old grandson’s reaction when I gave him one of the Digibirds I’d say the answer is absolutely Yes!

The peak of excitement was when at first I added the second, see them sing in chorus and move simultaneously created astonishment, but at the same time interest in figuring out how they were doing.

Older kids, who are using smartphones and tablets, are more interested in unlocking the new songs through the application to create a new gaming experience.

Have you tried Digibirds? Tell me what you think about your baby, we play again or has already stopped?