Shorts Buying Guide

In the warm season, the clothing is shorter and airy. Now the men show more skin just like women of creation and above all: more leg! Shorts and bermudas are suited to use tanned legs of man in scene.

Shorts are not equal to shorts! Finally, the short pants should sit not only well, but also still look good. Therefore the following information:

-What shorts models there are and where the differences are,

-What shorts you look especially good leave,

-to which occasions shorts well suited,

-If shorts are suitable for Office,

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-what combinations are good,

-What materials for sporting activities are suitable and

-What shorts are currently in fashion.

What shorts models are there?

There are shorts in many different styles and designs. The most common are:


-Board or swim shorts

-Jeans shorts

-Sport shorts

-Trekking shorts

Bermuda – or Board shorts are the classics under the shorts. They sit loosely and are usually around knee-length. Jeans shorts are experiencing just a small Renaissance. Sport shorts are shorts that are suitable due to their style and material ideal for the sporty look and corresponding activities. Real sports trousers are not mean but. Hiking trekking shorts are recommended – they are practical and stylish at the same time.

Most shorts are casual and casual – sit so loosely and not narrow. Figure betonender Chino shorts come however, which are relatively narrow and end just above the knee. And for men, the three-quarter pants is not a no-go. This variant goes beyond a good piece about the knee. The cuffs and leg of three-quarter pants in some cases running to something close, is generally but on the skin.

Shorts that make you look especially good

The matching shorts can make thinner look thin legs strong and thick legs. The rule of thumb here: The longer pants, the more work the legs. Would you leave your legs appear so strong, as they in fact are, should you wear short shorts – because that ensures the exact opposite.

You create a very sporty and casual look with Chino models that end just above the knee. Combined with a tight-fitting slim-fit T-shirt, casual, summery look is perfect. Straight-cut shorts are also suitable for stronger legs, because baggy pants in general tend to apply. Loose-fit models for example for the casual casual look can be combine with a loosely-covered shirt or tank top. But be careful: the upper part should be never be more than the shorts – finally it should not look, as you would wear no pants at all!

Shorts: when and to what occasion?

Basically shorts and bermudas are located more in the area of leisure fashion. Especially casual models such as jeans shorts are not in the chic restaurant, the theatre or the Opera. Man shorts are however no taboo in Cafés, bars and pubs.

At very hot temperatures, or in the holidays ‘Man’ can then even make an exception and wearing short pants in the restaurant – Finally, no one is supposed to get heat stroke! But in this case, the choice best on elegant shorts should be. Chino shorts are suitable, since the Chino Twill always a tad bit classier acts as denim or cotton. The lightweight material anyway represents a good and pleasant alternative to jeans or suit pants in the summer.

Are shorts fit for Office?

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A universally valid answer does not exist here unfortunately. It is crucial, in which area you are working. Because even if shorts can be quite elegant in combination with sailing shoes, shirt and jacket, tend to be short pants in the Office. Just if you regularly have customer contact, you should avoid shorts at work.

Lawyers, consultants and bankers usually the classic suit in the workplace is expected – no matter how hot it may be out there too. In plain English: no shorts in the business. Slightly looser, it comes to engineers or in the advertising industry. But not so loose that – if also elegant – shorts is possible everywhere and you are welcome to. Who is active in a leadership position, will come around at hot temperatures not to the suit.

Men who work in the field of fashion, where it is possible to go with shorts in the Office have it better taken. But here goes: elegant and never combined with sandals or flip flops. They are generally only in the spare time.

Properly combining shorts

The biggest fashion faux pas is still: socks in sandals. Even if they only reach to the ankle, you should avoid anyway basically the wearing of shorts socks. And in sandals, stockings are generally a no-go.

Who not barefoot like to wear his shoes because of hygiene, can draw in sneakers, Loafern, plimsolls or boat shoes on socks. Word of advice: Buy the boots a number smaller, then they do not look out.

What’s the tops, so there are many combination possibilities with short trousers. If it should be rather casual and casual, T-Shirts or tank tops are suitable. For the evening at the bar, it should then perhaps be the polo shirt or a casual shirt. Here are the sleeves rolled up and the collar buttoned up be – just not too formal, please!

Matching shorts for sports activities

Sports shorts should be especially comfortable and provide space for things such as phone, keys, pulse watch or sweatband. Definitely not, they should tend to scrub. Boardshorts, which have their origin in the surfer scene, suitable for example for sporting activities at Beach or pool, because they consist mostly of a micro fiber, which is also wet comfortable to wear, and have a pleasantly wide cut.

Who wants to wear a shorts for hiking or mountain climbing, is well advised with trekking shorts. They are equipped with various side and back pockets, so you can store things such as phone, keys or similar. Zippers or buttons make sure that nothing is lost.

You should prefer special running shorts to go jogging here, the synthetic material and the cut perfectly to the movement are designed.

What is currently in vogue?

More jeans, less squares, rather uni – that summarizes shorts-trends by 2015 can be found on However some period torch keep actually over several seasons just in terms of men’s shorts. For those who like classic, use colors such as blue, Brown, grey, olive green, black, or beige. Who is fashionably bold, can choose knalligere colors, patterns or motifs. But be careful: light skin should wear to bold colors definitely not.


-In shorts it depends on not only, whatever the occasion you want to wear the shorts but also on which model you are. Because not everyone can wear any shorts. The motto: the longer the pants, the stronger the legs work.

-In most industries, shorts are undesirable in the Office. However, the creative industry represents an exception. But even then, the model should be elegant and athletic.

-Socks in sandals or even slippers are a no-go. Who generally don’t want to forgo socks, should wear sneakers, loafers, plimsolls or boat shoes with feet.

-Sporty shorts to be especially comfortable and practical. Anyone looking for shorts for sports activities, selects the best one Microfiber, because that is too wet to be comfortable to wear.