Short Dresses Can Be Good Options For Parties

It was the time when elegance was synonymous with long dress. Nowadays there are several short models that can be used at parties such as graduations, parties of 15 years and weddings.

One of women’s favorite models, especially in summer, is the tom that falls. The model values ​​the lap and is sensual in the right measure. But it looks better on those who have small breasts and also lean ones, since the arms are well exposed. It is also a good option for the little ones as it helps to lengthen the silhouette.

For those who do not want to dare or make mistakes in the choice, the basic black is always a good option, because it fits well on any occasion. In addition, it helps to sharpen the silhouette, giving the impression of slimming, and can be used with various accessories such as necklaces and bracelets.

For a more chic style, models with sequins guarantee the brightness, leaving the production sophisticated and glamorous. In this case, the ideal are the sequin models, which take all the focus to the brightness of the piece and do not leave the look extravagant.

Another option that runs away from the basics without dare too much is the income, which is trend for 2013. Formerly considered a romantic fabric, ideal for wedding dresses, income has also become part of modern women’s wardrobes, but without losing the Classic and chic style. Models in colors such as red or black become more sensual. Already pastel, pearl, rosy tones give a more delicate look.

In the summer season colors are welcome. The secret is to choose a dress that enhances your skin tone based on STUNNERDRESSES. Brunettes look good with shades of gold, red, blue, lime green and pastel shades.Blondes look better with pink-nude, light blue and violet. For black, yellow, turquoise, gold and orange.

The prints are also powerful allies in the productions, are in high and leave any woman beautiful.The same piece can gain a new face and be used during the day or night, depending on the combination of shoes and accessories.

Vivid colors are great for more upscale occasions such as dinners and parties. The tip is to always use more discreet accessories, so as not to look too exaggerated. If you choose light or even white tones, avoid parts that are too close to the body and be careful not to become transparent.

Some celebrities love to walk around in short dresses at gala events. Check out the photos below for some models to get inspired.