Shopping Venues – the Outlets of the New Generation

Shopping clubs like “Private Outlet”, ‘Brands4Friends’, “BuyVip” or “Vente Privée” are online outlets of the new generation and enjoy increasing popularity and growing customer circles. The concept of this online Club is registered users offer goods at extremely discounted prices. There are almost daily new actions involving goods in relatively small Windows of time and often relatively small amounts, but up to 70% will be offered reduced.

The checkout process is completely online, there to be concerned about but no one make off to be ripped off. All platforms are tested by various organisations and offer secure payment methods, such as PayPal. However you must register free of charge on the Internet platforms to be informed about the actions and to take advantage of the shopping actions. All shops will be offered exclusively branded goods, mostly it relates to goods from past collections or so-called “off-season products”. Most of these clubs offer a wide variety of brands and products, so you can get almost everything jeans products HiFi articles up to furniture and travel. However, there are still some differences between the different shopping houses.

The shopping-Club “Pauldirekt” is known for its B-goods auctions, in which the modern Spafuchs can buy articles of almost all categories with minor “flaws” at unbeatable prices. There are also regularly called “game days” where game consoles, video games, but also board games and community games are offered at very reasonable prices.

The online shop “Limango” is a club that is aimed specifically at women. Here there is everything what the Lady’s heart. Whether shoes, jeans or lingerie, womens clothing is reduced here up to 70%. In addition, “Limango” offers also products for mother and child. Children’s clothing, strollers, stroller, but also learning materials and toys will be offered here on

Anyone can register with the most shopping clubs, the platform “Private Outlet” is going a different way. Who here would like to become a member must first be recommended by an existing Member of the community. This creates a little private shopping feeling.

All of these stores often unbeatable offers and leave the shopping heart of a bargain Hunter. Who buys like from home and will also occasionally get a “mega bargain” for the registration is worth precisely because the sign is everywhere for free and with no obligations!