Shed Light LED

The lighting of a House plays an essential role. A lighting system made of details will give an edge to your home, creating the right atmosphere for any occasion, allowing you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Correct illumination from a touch of distinctive style that makes your home. If you bought your furniture covering almost the entire surface of the House is preferable to install the great chandeliers of glass or metal with powerful lamps. At the same time right place also floor lamps to focus the light points in multiple areas of the room. With these simple tricks looks bigger and airy environment.

How to brighten a windowless room with LEDs

Having to light up a room without Windows is very challenging for those who begin to furnish a House. The lack of light makes the environment often stuffy. Everything becomes complicated if the room to be illuminated as well as being dark is very small. The right idea to light up a room with no Windows would be to install the led wall lamps. LEDs offer excellent performance but with a lower power consumption, in fact a led light allows a saving nearly 80 percent. The LEDs on the market mean keep them lit for several hours does bump up your Bill. Then with a reduced expenditure will brighten the room without natural light in a practical and not too expensive. A good solution would be to install led Strip lights at different levels in order to obtain the good effects of light and shadow without sacrificing great design.

For an easier installation of led strips and an aesthetic impact better, the advice is to use the led profiles. On furniture, angular surfaces or walls create an elegant lighting effect, protecting even the Strip from dust and facilitating heat loss.

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But the led strips are not the only solution to light up a room.

How many led lights are used to illuminate a room?

If you love the Spotlight led light and decorative lights these are ideal to make unique and original and bright at the same time, the hallways and inlet. This type of lighting can be used also in the relaxation area where reading or spending time with his family. It is very important to choose carefully if you want a warm or a cold light. The warm light is recommended particularly for bedrooms while cold lights for all day. To light up a room of 30 sqm it needs about 10 average power led spots.

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How many Watts are used to light up a room?

To light up a room of 50 square meters we will consider that you need a power of about 1,500 Watts. Calculate this figure is not complicated enough to calculate that for every mq serve 30 watts.

How many lumens serve to illuminate a room?

If you want to estimate the quantity of light sources in the room should not only count the Watts but you have to take into account especially the lumens they produce. A good 90 to 100 lumens produced by spotlight. For example to light up a room a room from 50 square meters we would need approximately 15,000 lumens.

And you what solutions you adopted to illuminate the rooms in your home?