Sharp Also Dares to Screens Full HD with The Aquos SH930W

Sharp It is the next move to screens Full HD, after HTC and Oppo, makes with Sharp SH930W terminal, within the Aquos family. The exaggerated resolution is included in a display with five-inch diagonal.

Normally, we learned of these developments by its availability in Japan, but in this case it’s a product that appears initially in Russia. We see complicated his appearance in European countries, but for our part we welcome.

The screen uses the latest sharp, IGZO panels, which boast better consumption and quality than LCD panels they were using so far. The pixel density is 440ppi.

To move the pantallón, logically we expect hardware to the height, and though it is not more than most, it is acceptable. There’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core It operates at 1.5 GHz (MSM8260A).

Other data that are managed on the Sharp SH930W are the microSD card slot (memory that has not known), or the appearance with Jelly Bean. Its official launch is expected for the 8 November.