Shapewear Undergarment

Shapewear in large sizes highlights your female shapes and curves while it Slims. With shapewear underwear can you come to sight up to two sizes less.

This shapewear dress is made of very powerful drug and contains a high percentage (18%) Spandex – that makes the dress very elastic, comfortable to wear and, last but not least, easy to take both off and on. The model is with round neckline and sleeveless. As additional firming effect has the dress ‘ ribbed ‘ areas on respectively. stomach, waist and under both breasts. At the bottom on the edge have the dress a silicone edge that prevents the dress “rolls up”.

Strapless Corset Shapewear
The dress does not look like the regular shapewear dress, and can therefore usefully be used as part of your basic wardrobe.
In order to achieve the optimum effect of shapewear dress, we recommend that you purchase the best selling shapewear dress one size smaller than you would buy a basic petticoat in.