Sew Doll Clothes

As the BABY born® * (size:43 cm) in 1991 slowly the nursery conquered so many little girls with this new baby doll ogled, though this desire remained unfulfilled. Today the Zapf creation include the dolls to the toys standard as LEGO * and PLAYMOBIL *. Meanwhile the BABY born® with its size of 43 cm get various siblings dolls and Zapf creation overall further expanded its range of dolls.

In addition to the small my little BABY born® * (32 cm) there is for the small Puppenmutter the equally delightful my first Baby Annabell® * (36 cm) and the Baby Annabell® * (46 cm), which looks almost like a real baby. Join the also popular “Chou Chou” (36 cm *, 42 cm * and 48 cm *) as well as the large dolls Sally * and Sam * (63 cm).

While the big dolls, Sally and Sam can wear even the kids clothes that have become too small, almost all other dolls need extra made doll clothes. Although Zapf creation has also a wide range of matching doll clothes *, but myself to sew and knit is not only fun, but saves even a purse. The hobby seamstress can use not only of cloth and wool scraps for individual doll clothes, doll pants, coats, sweaters, jackets,-Mützen and Doll shoes, often children’s clothes that have become too small to work. Before they sold them for little money at a flea market, operating around in doll clothes is certainly useful. So, for example new doll clothes from small children’s T shirts can be sewn or made. Also become long too small baby clothes for newborn babies (Gr. 46 for example for Baby Annabell® *), the small Puppenmutter can use for their PAA. With Grosgrain Ribbon, lace and buttons (in the sale on *) ornate, can emerge as a charming outfits for the doll.

At all, you can improvise well when making doll clothes and accessories. A single sock for children (the second “ate the washing machine’) ideal place a doll hat. The foot part is simply to cut off, turned inward and sewn by hand. A single women’s or men’s sock is, shortened also around the part of the foot to the dolls knitted skirt. Is a cloth handkerchief to the headband or scarf and even the lying for years in the closet “beautiful” crochet Potholder by the great aunt is still used as a doll blanket or pillow, is slightly different, because finally the PAA must be sleep Yes sometimes. So much for dolls can be conjure up from commercially available cleaning cloth.

Who itself has no fabric remnants, is perhaps in the sale on * still reduced fabric sets – a whole junk box full of different fabric remnants in different sizes.

But often you need but a matching pattern. When existing dolls clothes, or another simple pattern can be easily synthesize by skillful twisting and turning. Just what child can live with this if the mother or grandmother constantly pulls the doll to the measurements themselves? With reactions, such as “buy yourself a * ‘, is therefore to be expected.

Thus, patterns are essential, whether the doll clothes itself is tailored, even knitted or crocheted. You waive the circular knitting, recreational hand work can measure are taken in patterns, which are actually meant as sewing templates including knitting or crochet. And who wants to look long for patterns, find the best I could find the following:

  • In the bound Edition “simply sew doll clothes *’ Silvia Braun are various patterns for dolls sizes 32 to find 36 / 38, 43, 48 and 50 cm. In addition, Silvia Braun’s book contains a size chart with the bulk of the popular dolls. Thus the MOM or Grandma must steal only once the PAA to the measurements and the child can look forward then to the birthday, Easter, Santa or Christmas about the “secret” sewn new outfit for the favorite doll. On the other hand it is for the child but also interesting when sewing to watch and maybe even to try dealing with the sewing machine (or the crochet hook).
  • In the Brocade issue by “sewn doll clothes itself: cheeky, individual and creative *” by Gabriele Maderegger, there are several patterns for cute dolls clothes and accessories specifically for the BABY born®.
  • Who prefer working for the empfliehlt is the hardcover “crochet doll clothes yourself: sweaters, dresses, shoes, and more *” by Birgit Hettrich Kraemer. The instructions are for the doll size 42-44 cm, also for BABY born®.
  • The “pattern Burda 7753 doll dress *’ is for dolls sizes 30-35 cm and 40-45 cm. However, the degree of difficulty ‘means’ is here, sewing experience should already exist.

For the soft dolls by HABA® *, will be taken from infants and children also like to substitute Teddy to fall asleep, I have found no specific patterns or books with tutorials. HABA® has a very dolls range *, therefore it is important to measure out the existing doll. Here are a few examples of dolls sizes of HABA®:

Annie (34 cm), Charlotte (38 cm), Clara (34 cm), Elise (30 cm), Felicitas (30 cm), Lilli (30 cm) and Lilli (50 cm), Lotta (38 cm) doll, Mali (30 cm), Matze (30 cm), Mette (30 cm), Michel (30 cm), Nele (30 cm), Kendall (30 cm), Steven (38 cm), Victoria (30 cm).

Since the children the HABA® dolls * usually no new name type, but assume the puppets name specified by HABA®, works the Kosmetikpads so maybe even without measuring the doll. Alternatively, there is at Amazon but also dress sets for HABA dolls *.

Of course, there are patterns for Barbie® dolls . With slight variations, they fit also the dolls of Monster high™.

Have fun sewing, crochet or knit cute dolls clothes!