Sets the Fitness Track and Field

Hello guys, who loves to workout, ride, run, nothing jumps rope and don’t have too lazy to move the body … today our post is especially for you! Prepare an editorial super inspiring, full of suggestions of FITNESS FASHION to give aqueeele mood in (the) lazy (the) on duty and help you choose the “look of the day” to burn off the calories with a lot of “style”. The first law of Fashion is Fitness choose comfortable clothes from so as not to disturb your performance during the activities. Time to buy the outfits, prefer pieces appropriate to the activity you’re doing. But beware: be comfortable does not mean be relaxed! The outfits, in General, mark the body and learn to value their strengths will make you safer when making all of those moves. In addition, the Academy is always full of gatchenhos, right? So, for favooorrr girls, forget that old t-shirt t-shirt (only Carnival relic! kkk) and invest in fashion and modern looks to make nice in malhação. We are fans and indicated with his eyes closed the products of TRACK & FIELD. The brand is feraaa in sets for outdoor sports, to make the Academy style or up to face the beach!!!

The TRACK & FIELD is considered the leading brand in Brazil and Fitness fashion stands out, mainly by the high technology of its products, always focusing on comfort and optimizing performance of the athlete. Since 1988, the variety of products and fabrics is one of their differentials. So you can have an idea, the brand offers tissues to reduce the odors of perspiration, allow the circulation of air and water, keeps the body dry and avoid the proliferation of bacteria, as is the case of “Thermodry Bioetch” exclusive brand tissue. People, is tuuudo right … impossible not to fall in love … who uses a time you want to use. When entering a network stores, you can find from blouses developed specially for athletes to bikinis for the Brazilian summer, with beautiful prints! Has Womenswear, menswear, teen, infant … for the whole family!

Check out some suggestions of looks we’ve chosen fitness in TRACK & FIELD in Campo Grande/MS!!!

After seeing these looks not fitness makes you want to rush out (literally!) to the gym?

#projetovergonhanacara activated!!! KKKKK

The TRACK & FIELD is on the first floor of the Mall Bosque dos Ipês, in Campo Grande/MS.