Security Lantern Powered By Solar Energy

There is a saying that says: it is better to be safe than sorry.

And to keep this up-to-date, maximum is always good thinking on homesecurity s, and this lamp powered by solar energy is a good idea.

The Solar Powered is a light fixture that is very well allocated in areas that have solar light during the day, but that night is very dark because of the very high cost of leaving a light bulb switched on all night. With solar panels to charge the internal batteries and LEDs that make your lighting one of the best and most cost effective, the Solar Powered can illuminate approximately of 26 m2s with a bright light, like a 60 watt lamp, and provides 60 seconds of light when something or someone raisins by their infrared motion sensor with field of 100 degrees of movement according to

Whether it’s a warm light for environments or a safety light your House, this solar lamp comes in handy to help you save and keep your House more secure. In addition to making your home more beautiful and more secure, a sensor causes the lamp light up or turn off after one minute if no movement. And the best part? Your battery is powered only by solar energy , so no wires are needed, making it ideal for anyone who does not like to be breaking walls for installation of wires here and there.