Scrapbooking Designs and Home Decoration

From Japan, Kirie is a craft technique that uses the clippings to give life and color to illustrations and figures. Often used in religious figures by Shinto priests, today the scrap booking technique isscrapbooking designs  the basis that artists use to portray both the Japanese traditions about contemporary life.

And of course I already have nice and innovating in making Brazilian art of Kirie. The designer Flavia Kaparovsky uses fabric patchwork to create custom parts with a focus on children’s decor.

The clippings of Kirie, made with pieces of fabrics and gracefully arranged in simple and childish ways, are ideal to represent the cuteness of newborn babies, and make the environment of children more fun and lively.

In the words of his own Flavia Kasparovisky:

“Since I was a kid I always loved match.” White goes with everything “, I remember my grandmother telling me as I leave the house with an orange shirt, blue and green plaid skirt and white shoes what made everything match!

And it was this passion for combining the love of rag dolls and joke to create them. “

On the website you can still make custom parts orders according to your own ideas. And in addition to the online store, you can make your orders by email or phone.

The practicality of these parts is as big as the beauty and grace of the pieces. We love the design of parts and we are waiting for more news!

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